Wedding Planning + Tips

 Now offering a la carte wedding planning and advice! Email your question, if I can answer it in a blog post than the answer is free! If it's more complicated then you'll receive a quote for the answer. Pricing below.

I have a lot of thoughts about weddings and here on my blog I give advice. Through photographing over one hundred weddings (and helping my clients with their questions), planning my own, and being a four time bridesmaid ... I've learned a thing or too. Here are my tips; but take them with a grain of salt. There is no wrong way to plan your wedding! It's yours and should be what the two of you want!

 1 - I'm engaged, now what?

 2 - White or Ivory?

 3 - Venue Rental Packages

 4 - Inspiration Boards

 5 - How to use color effectively

 6 - Choosing Vendors

 7 - Wedding Timeline and Cocktail hour

 8 - Choosing a dress!

 9 - How do I match a gold dress?

10 - Vendors like to eat too

11 - To tent or not to tent

12 - Portland Maine, Raves and Favs

13 - Hair and Make-up

14 - All About Cake

15 - Be a smart ebay shopper

16 - Bridal Party seating

17 - When to buy white

18 - ME and MA coastal locations

19 - When to ask Attendants

20 - What to know BEFORE you register

21 - Knowing and negotiating the "rules"

22 - Great Photos take TIME

23 - What to bring to meet your florist

24 - Cake Cutting 101

25 - Photography and copyright

26 - Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Duties

27 - What does a wedding really cost?

28 - Sun and photos

29 - Gathering for photos

30 - Sending a "Save the Date"

31 - Favors

32 - Planning a bridal shower 

33- DIY Recycled Flower Arrangments

34 - 3 is a good number of years

35 - Sensible Shoes

36 - Registering part 2

Email to ask about my wedding coordination kit! Use this to turn a friend or family member into your day-of-wedding point person. Just don't forget to thank him/her- a BIG thanks! Wedding question & planning assistance pricing varies based on time and difficulty. Answers will be approximately $25/question. Pay by credit, debit, or bank account through