Friday, February 20, 2009

Wedding Tip #1 - I'm engaged, now what?

In an effort to do more blogging I've decided to post a series of wedding tips. Most of these tips come from conversations I've had with brides-to-be while answering their questions. If you have a wedding or photography question - YES YOU blog reader - please ask! I'm happy to help in any way I can. To ask comment here or email me at:


"Katie, I just got engaged, what should I do first?"

1) Celebrate! Yay - you just got engaged!

2) HIRE ME! Just kidding ;) Everyone's priorities are different. If you have your heart set on a particular wedding venue, photographer, or other vendor call them first to see their availability! If you're still deciding what you want to do proceed to step #3.

3) Discuss a preliminary budget, guest list, and time of year you'd like to get married (Don't forget to check for graduation and friend/family wedding dates)

** BREATHE, enjoy being newly engaged! Tell your fiance you love him/her! **

4) Choose the date. (This usually means booking a venue, but if you choose a date before booking a venue you will want to start looking for a location right away.) With a wedding date chosen you can start to plan the other details. I don't mean plan everything right away ... choose a date and then devise a 'plan' for what you'd like to do next.

5) About that 'plan' if you feel lost (or just want help) consider a wedding planner! Did I hire a planner? No, but I did hire a "day of coordinator" and I think you MUST have someone to follow through on your wedding plans for you. What's the difference?

• Wedding Planner: She helps you with all of your wedding plans! From selecting vendors to making sure things go off without a hitch - she will help you start to finish. Many planners also do the job of a day of coordinator.

• Day of Coordinator: You plan your wedding and then get her up to speed. She will help you with organizing the final details and make sure you haven't forgotten anyway. However, mostly the job is all about seeing that your plans come together as you expected. If there are any minor wedding-day issues she will handle them, ignorance is bliss!

It's a wedding planner's JOB to know about all things weddings and all of the best vendors. Hiring one will certainly make life easier for you! Yes, this will cost a bit more but saves you stress and piece of mind. Often times planners know of bargains or can get discounts you never would have found on your own.

If you don't hire a planner be honest with yourself and what you can and can not do. You do not want to be calling the reception hall, wedding band, limo driver, pastry chef, and the florist to make sure they'll all where they're supposed to be! While a professional is always best make sure to at least ask someone, a close friend or family member, to help you with pulling together the final details. What about calling the photographer - wondering why I didn't mention that? Well since you'll have hired me - wink wink - I'll be with you taking some 'getting ready' pictures that morning and you won't need to worry about where I am! :)

Happy Planning!

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