Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wedding Tip #19 - When to ask Attendants

Bridal Party Cheer

asks: "I haven't even got my wedding party together yet because Tim has yet to call his best man and decide on groomsmen. I suppose I can wait a little bit longer for him to make up his mind but I feel like a jerk waiting so long to ask people! All the magazines/websites say 6 months is sufficient, but how much time do you think I need?"

Natalie, this is a tough one! I can't say there's an exact time when it's best to ask bridesmaids. From my experience: I asked my bridesmaids to be in the wedding about a month after getting engaged, 9 months before my wedding. I have been in two weddings already, and am in a 3rd in 2010 and I have always been asked 1-3 months after the bride gets engaged. This doesn't mean that's the rule - I think some girls just can't wait to start planning and want their girlfriends in on the planning ASAP! I know I talked about my wedding non-stop as I was planning and friends who are a part of it are more ready to lend an ear!

You must be very restrained to not be chatting with the girls and say "your dresses" or some other slip - I would have been too excited to not blurt it out! I think you should tell Tim to get on calling his dudes! :) Ok, in all seriousness I would say, if possible, try and give attendants at least 9 months for planning. Between the shower & bacherlorette party it does take time to get everyone and everything organized. Plus summer schedules get tricky so you'll to give plenty of advance notice for their important dates.

On the topic of bridesmaids - here are some other helpful links:

Creative ways to ask "Will you be my maid?"
From weddings.about.com
From www.wedaholic.com

Bridesmaid etiquette, what you should and shouldn't ask of them:
How much can I ask them to spend on dresses?
Can I ask them to alter (or not alter) their apearance?
And a whole list of maid ettiquite!

Bridesmaid duties:
From: www.elegala.com
From: www.theknot.com

And a little off topic but here's a cute blog post about a guy whose friends threw him a man shower! http://www.weddingbee.com/2009/04/18/men-can-have-showers-too

Monday, April 27, 2009

Wedding Tip #18 - ME & MA coastal locations

I was talking to my friend Dee today about her 2010 wedding. While I was giving her some ideas for beach wedding locations I thought I'd also share that info as today's post! These are all locations I (or one of my other studio shooters) have photographed. If you have questions about them let me know. I'd be happy to share my experience, and connect you with my past clients who had weddings there. (If they don't mind) You can see links to the full weddings on pictage.com. If you do not want to create a pictage account to view the photos you can use:
login: guest@guest.com
password: guest



Their Site: Peaks Island Inn (above)
My photos: Http://www.pictage.com/245299
Peaks Island is one of the Harbor Islands in Casco Bay. It is just a quick ferry or water taxi ride from Portland, ME to get there. Peaks is the closest island to Portland and a quick ferry ride!



Their Site: Herritage Museum and Gardens (above)
My photos: Http://www.pictage.com/335925
The heritage museum has a beautiful windmill and gardens for outdoor weddings. Looking for an indoor location? They also have an auto museum with antique cars and room in the middle for tables & dancing.



Their Site: Bar Harbor Regency (above)
My photos: Http://www.pictage.com/242810
Bar Harbor, ME. It's way up north... 4 hours from Boston but SO beautiful. You can't beat Maine in the summer. It's got to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Hmmmm... can't wait for summer!



Their Site: York Harbor Inn (above)
My photos: Http://www.pictage.com/191714
1 hour 15 min from Boston just north of Portsmouth, NH. If you're looking for a location for an indoor reception with outdoor space for photos this is perfect! The park shown is just across the street and the lighthouse is s short drive. If the weather isn't perfect your guests are still comfortable indoors!


Private residences are a GREAT way to save some money because you can bring your own caterer and bartender. Search the web under "vacation rentals" just be sure to ask the owners if they are OK with renting it for wedding! Above & below are photos from a wedding at a private residence on Martha's Vineyard:


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wedding Tip #17 - when to buy white

To start thinking about black and white - here is a wedding inspiration board from Lexi & Mike's wedding with lots of black and white photos! Lexi and Mike got married at the Westin Hotel Waltham-Boston on New Year's Eve. They had a every elegant wedding and kept it fun with cute details! The party favors they had brought out just before midnight really helped get everyone into a festive new year's mood. Bringing out creative favors can really influence the mood of your day!


Ok, back to today's tip. WHEN SHOULD YOU BUY WHITE? Thinking you'd like to wear white to your shower, bachelorette party or rehearsal dinner? Don't forget that white is SEASONAL! That's right, if you have a fall wedding you might have a hard time if you wait to look for white clothing until the month of the event. Start shopping early! Or, if it's off season try outlets and online shopping. Also, keep in mind that white is not the only seasonal color! If you are using a signature color for your wedding and would like your rehearsal dress to match you should shop for it during the corresponding season. For example if your looking for white or pastel, think late winter as that's when spring clothes come out. Also, if your weight fluctuates buy your dress on the big side. A seamstress can almost always make is smaller for you, and it's not worth feeling uncomfortable in something too tight!

While we're talking about off-the-rack shopping - don't forget you can do this for bridesmaids dresses too! There isn't a rule that you must go the typical bridal shop route. A lot of stores are starting to offer bridal party options, and department store websites make browsing on the rack dresses just as easy as off the rack at bridal stores.

J Crew Bridal
Anne Taylor Weddings
Macy's Bridal Party
Nordstrom Bridal Attire

Know of any sites I should add? Email me and I'd be happy to. Happy shopping!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Linzy's Headshots

Some of this weekend's headshots...




I usually like black & white headshots best... why is that? I think they just have a more classic look. Funny though, for most everything else I prefer COLOR and lots of it! :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Knot Networking Event & New Vendor Friends


Last night Anthony & I attended the Knot's networking event at Fenway Park's EMC club. We stayed late enough that I got to take one of artistic blossoms' cool centerpieces home! (pictured above) It's important for me to attend events and seminars like this so I keep current with a the new wedding trends. Plus, why would I pass up open bar & appetizers @ Fenway? This was a great event for meeting new vendor friends. While it was a heavily attended event, here are a few folks I had a chance to chat with.

Ceremony & Reception Site: Chocksett Inn
Located in Sterling, MA (near Worcester) this is a charming location for both your ceremony and reception. I met Shauna, the wedding coordinator, and I'm sure she would be a big help to you in your planning!

Chair Covers: Sitting Pretty
Sarah, of Sitting pretty, was the winner for coolest business card - it's round! Check our their site for a beautiful assortment of custom chair covers, sashes, and lines.

Clergy/Councilor: Rev. Robin Zucker
Robin is a Unitarian reverend and she also provides pre-marital counseling. With offices on the Northshore in Hamilton and close to Boston in Somerville she is super convenient to meet with.

DJ: Curtis Knight
I've met Curtis and his partner Anna before! Curtis was the DJ for my friends Matt & Ashely so I know personally that he does a great job.

Event Planning: Corinthian Events
I met Elizabeth from Corinthian Events. They provide total event management for a variety of event types and are located in downtown Boston.

Event Planning: Precise Event Planning
Michelle provides event planning for promotions, conferences, weddings & more. She is located in Fitchburg, MA.

Favors: Custom Grapes
When M.J. told me about her business I feel in love with this idea for favors! You can create your own wine labels! These are much better than the print at home kind - you can even add photos!

Florist: Dogwood Floral Design
Theresa creates beautiful wedding and event flowers plus she's a fellow blogger and close to me up on the Northshore. Check out her blog.

Florist: Meredith McCarthy
Meredith is also a Northshore floral designer. Located in Ipswich she frequently does events at Castle Hill.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today's baby session




Isn't he CUTE? Can't wait for more fun baby sessions!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

oh BABY!


I've been editing some baby photographs as I get excited for tomorrow's baby session. I thought these three looked nice grouped together in Black and White. I can't wait to have more fun new images to add to my portfolio!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bad Economy, Good Karma - Free Wedding Portrait Sessions

Having a hard time in this economy? Lose a house or job at the same time as planning your wedding? Let me help.

I am offering a free wedding portrait session to deserving couples. I will meet you on your wedding day (or a day before or after) and give you a free one hour portrait sitting - when my schedule permits. You will also receive an online gallery to view your pictures. The digital file for your favorite shot will be provided so you can make your own prints. (Additional prints/image downloads can be purchased)

What should you do?

• Email me 2 months or less before your wedding date.
(This is to ensure only deserving couples who cannot afford a photographer are helped)

• Tell me, in a paragraph, why you are unable to afford a photographer.

• List your wedding date and venue name and location.

• Agree to let me use your story and photographs on my blog/website.

I have no idea what kind of response I will receive; so please understand if I am unable to help everyone. I will do my best to help as many people as I can! I wish you all the most happiness in your upcoming marriage!

Email: Katie@RingImages.com

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kristie & Jochem's Wedding

Kristie & Jochem planned an elegant city wedding using all different shades of white in their decor. Their color choices blended perfectly with the look of their venue, the Algonquin Club in Boston. They were married in early May, so my spring fever prompted me to make an inspiration board of their wedding. Spring is such a beautiful time of year in Boston! The tulips are just coming up in the public gardens and it makes a great location for wedding portraits. Do note that to have wedding photographs in the gardens you need a permit! You can apply for one and read the rules/regulations at: www.cityofboston.gov/parks/weddingpolicy

Friday, April 3, 2009

Status Update Show

I was just emailed the show card - it looks great.
I'm thrilled for this show! (Earlier post w/what I'll be showing)

Links to "Status Update" Artists:
Kevin Van Aelst: kevinvanaelst.com
Cat Balco: catbalco.com
Sharon Butler: twocoatsofpaint.com
Heather Freeman: epicant.com
Greg Garvey: quinnipiac.edu/garvey
Matt Held: heldstudios.com
Keith Johnson: keithjohnsonphotographs.com
Katie Ring: KatieRing.com
Jeremiah Teipen: teipen.com/jeremiah
Lee Walton: leewalton.com
Rachael Perry Welty: rachelperrywelty.com
An Xiao: anxiaostudio.com

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wedding Tip #16 - Bridal Party seating

"Katie! I have really enjoyed reading your blog - what a great idea! Reading all these different ideas has made me really excited about planning my own wedding! I have a question for you about seating for the bridal party at the reception. When I met with the wedding coordinator at our reception site she showed us the layout of the ballroom and pointed out that the bridal party generally sits at one "head" table in the center of the room. This got me thinking ... several members of the bridal party are married or have significant others whom I am sure they would like to be seated with. What are the other options for seating for the bridal party in a ballroom type setting that allows people to sit wither their dates? Can't wait to hear your ideas - and thanks again for sharing your ideas with those of us who are new the wedding planning craziness!" -Abby

Abby, thank you so much for your comments & question! I think it's always better to let people sit with their dates. Otherwise the date can feel really awkward sitting with people they don't really know. For someone outgoing, like me, sitting with strangers isn't too painful - but we'd all rather be sitting with our dates! Check with your coordinator to see what your venue can accommodate, but I know of several seating options you could consider:

There is always, of course, the traditional head table where dates are seated with other guests. This is my least favorite, but that doesn't make it a wrong or bad option it's just not my taste!

A sweetheart table, which is only for the bride & groom, can be very romantic.


For our wedding, Anthony and I had 3 head tables. This way we could include attendants & dates in the head table seating. Because of the way our room was set-up, with three tables at the top of the dance floor, I think this worked well for us.

(Seating chart from the bridal tool kit @ Bed Bath & Beyond.com)

If none of those options works for you you could always sit with family: siblings, parents & grandparents - and let your attendants sit with other guests. I suggest trying out the seating chart tools at BBB or a similar program. You won't be able to do the full chart until you have your RSVP's but you probably have a good idea already about the important people who will be attending. Good luck! The seating is one of the hardest projects! Keep in mind that someone might complain about their seat, but don't take it to heart - everyone struggles a bit with this!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Facebook Fan Perks!

To thank my fans, and test the power of social networking, I'm offering 1/2 off my portrait sitting fees with a free 8x10 photograph to all fans. Do you know someone who would like a portrait sitting? Just tell them to become a fan and they can have the same discount!

Click here to view my Facebook page and become a fan
Don't use Facebook? Follow me on twitter or my blog for the same discount!


Taylor Tutu

(Photos from this Monday's shoot)

Portrait sittings are regularly $150 but from now until May 1st any portrait sitting that is booked by a fan will be only $75 and include a free 8x10.

Do you know someone who is getting married? Refer me for any 2009 or 2010 wedding and when they book their wedding photography with me I'll send you a $50 check. (You may need to call or email me to request your check if they forget to write your name on the contract)

Hello Garden

Salem Community Garden

Look at my cute little corner of the Salem community garden @ Palmer Cove! I know, it doesn't look like much now but I can't wait for nicer weather so I can start planting. The best part is that it's just down the street so I can walk to my garden. I even have an ocean view! ;)

What should I grow? I wish I knew what was already planted there - I'd hate to big up anything good. I'm thinking I'd like some wildflowers to make it look pretty. Other than that, I'll plant easy veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, and chives. Please comment with your suggestions! This beginning gardener is going to need all the help she can get!

If you'd like to learn more about the Salem Community Garden visit their website: http://growsalem.org