Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wedding Tip #16 - Bridal Party seating

"Katie! I have really enjoyed reading your blog - what a great idea! Reading all these different ideas has made me really excited about planning my own wedding! I have a question for you about seating for the bridal party at the reception. When I met with the wedding coordinator at our reception site she showed us the layout of the ballroom and pointed out that the bridal party generally sits at one "head" table in the center of the room. This got me thinking ... several members of the bridal party are married or have significant others whom I am sure they would like to be seated with. What are the other options for seating for the bridal party in a ballroom type setting that allows people to sit wither their dates? Can't wait to hear your ideas - and thanks again for sharing your ideas with those of us who are new the wedding planning craziness!" -Abby

Abby, thank you so much for your comments & question! I think it's always better to let people sit with their dates. Otherwise the date can feel really awkward sitting with people they don't really know. For someone outgoing, like me, sitting with strangers isn't too painful - but we'd all rather be sitting with our dates! Check with your coordinator to see what your venue can accommodate, but I know of several seating options you could consider:

There is always, of course, the traditional head table where dates are seated with other guests. This is my least favorite, but that doesn't make it a wrong or bad option it's just not my taste!

A sweetheart table, which is only for the bride & groom, can be very romantic.


For our wedding, Anthony and I had 3 head tables. This way we could include attendants & dates in the head table seating. Because of the way our room was set-up, with three tables at the top of the dance floor, I think this worked well for us.

(Seating chart from the bridal tool kit @ Bed Bath &

If none of those options works for you you could always sit with family: siblings, parents & grandparents - and let your attendants sit with other guests. I suggest trying out the seating chart tools at BBB or a similar program. You won't be able to do the full chart until you have your RSVP's but you probably have a good idea already about the important people who will be attending. Good luck! The seating is one of the hardest projects! Keep in mind that someone might complain about their seat, but don't take it to heart - everyone struggles a bit with this!

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