Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wedding Tip #19 - When to ask Attendants

Bridal Party Cheer

asks: "I haven't even got my wedding party together yet because Tim has yet to call his best man and decide on groomsmen. I suppose I can wait a little bit longer for him to make up his mind but I feel like a jerk waiting so long to ask people! All the magazines/websites say 6 months is sufficient, but how much time do you think I need?"

Natalie, this is a tough one! I can't say there's an exact time when it's best to ask bridesmaids. From my experience: I asked my bridesmaids to be in the wedding about a month after getting engaged, 9 months before my wedding. I have been in two weddings already, and am in a 3rd in 2010 and I have always been asked 1-3 months after the bride gets engaged. This doesn't mean that's the rule - I think some girls just can't wait to start planning and want their girlfriends in on the planning ASAP! I know I talked about my wedding non-stop as I was planning and friends who are a part of it are more ready to lend an ear!

You must be very restrained to not be chatting with the girls and say "your dresses" or some other slip - I would have been too excited to not blurt it out! I think you should tell Tim to get on calling his dudes! :) Ok, in all seriousness I would say, if possible, try and give attendants at least 9 months for planning. Between the shower & bacherlorette party it does take time to get everyone and everything organized. Plus summer schedules get tricky so you'll to give plenty of advance notice for their important dates.

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Thanks Katie! Those links will be very useful! Now to get working on Tim...