Sunday, July 25, 2010

Quahog is a type of clam...not just a fictional town in Rhode Island

(Quahogs stuffed with onions, breadcrumbs, olive oil, celery & fresh parsley )

Anthony & I were lucky enough to be invited to stay with our friend Lauren on Cape Cod in Falmouth, MA. We had all the ingredients for a great weekend: friends, fun, & really good food! You know you're a food lover when you take more photos of your eats than anything else!

I had plenty of happy-toe-time at the beach (below) but luckily Lauren's Dad was out there Quahogging and he's a man that likes to share!

When I wasn't beaching it I ran a new personal best of 6 miles. I'm training for a 1/2 marathon...but I really run so I can eat more food! Like this Pasta with Quahog sauce.

More of this meal entailed:
Sauteed Vegetables

Grilled Swordfish (with soy sauce, garlic, olive oil & fresh parsley. Gas grilled outdoors on foil.)

Anthony & I brought this Cavit Pinot Noir, a lighter red wine, as a hostess gift. (We also gave them some Stonewall Kitchen Pancake Mix, Jams & Syrups) We usually prefer a heavy red like a big cabernet - but this is great for summer & it doesn't break the bank. did we spend our Saturday evening? Listening to live music at Liam Maguire's. We were happy find that Danny Quinn was so entertaining. He sang a mix of old Irish songs and bar sing-along-songs like 'Piano Man' and 'American Pie.' I was drinking Wachusett Blueberry beer- a delicious summertime favorite of mine.

(Above: Me & Anthony) (Below: Lauren & her boyfriend Ryan)
It was such a great weekend, I can't believe that now it's almost Monday. I need to take more long weekends on the cape!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wedding Photography Fail

Hehe, is it wrong that I find this hilarious? :) I hope he got up and laughed it off....and that it was a hot day! If you can't laugh at your own silly mistakes what's the point?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I've been blogged!

In my previous post you heard about Ben & Kate's maternity session from my point of view. Do you want to know what it was like for the proud mama-to-be? Read Kate's blog here. This should provide some insight for those of you wondering what it is like to be on the other side of my camera! Thanks for the great post Kate!