Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wedding Tip #15 - Be a smart ebay shopper

I share this because I know a lot of brides purchase items from Ebay. I bought some vases for my own wedding this way. It's a great way to save money on some of the small details. It's especially good for things like vases, fake rose petals, or other items that can easily be re-used. Just be sure to know your rights as a buyer and leave plenty of time to purchase other items in case the Ebay transaction doesn't work out. The best thing to know is that Ebay stands behind their service and is available to help their buyers! After a great experience with Ebay's customer service I thought that the least I could do is to tell all of you how much I love Ebay and share my story so you know your rights as an Ebay buyer!

What I did:
I purchased a digital camera from a seller (lez266) and it arrived in the mail seemingly ok. I had to order a special memory card for it since it is an older camera model. Before the card arrived I couldn't fully test the camera. Since I had waited for the card to arrive the seller told me the window of return time had closed. (not true - see "what I should have done") When I emailed to report the problem I got a rude reply, even though I explained I had to wait for a card to test with, and was told to send the camera back to determine the problem. I was feeling really badly about the situation because it was a camera I had bought on behalf of my camera club at the soldier's home. So, I paid to ship it back and said I expected a refund or for the seller to pay to ship it back to me. Once they had the camera back the story was that there wasn't a problem and that I needed to send more money if I wanted it shipped back to me. At this point I felt naive for shipping it back in the first place; but it was only a $20 camera! I asked about splitting the difference and them keeping $10 as a restocking fee and issuing a $10 refund to my paypal account. The reply I received reads:

"The only choice left to me is to give you 48 hours to pay for shipping your camera back to you. Past that window, I'll consider that you have forfeited your right of ownership and it will be given to a local charity on your behalf. Furthermore any shipping paid for after April the 3rd would be immediately refunded and eventual emails would not be read nor answered! This would be at par with your attitude (tantamount to extorsion for an undeserved refund) of sporadic reactions to selected issues while ignoring the most relevant.

- lez266"

Extortion for an undeserved refund? I'm not an extortionist! I felt so helpless because now it seemed there was nothing I could do. I checked Lez's feedback, and even though it was 99% positive I found 2 other negative reviews with similar issues.

Negative feedback ratingsorry: item not received, no refund offered, and at first seller wasn't politeBuyer: Jun-19-08 06:53

  • Reply by lez266 (Jun-19-08 09:10):

-- (#330229181680)

I clicked on the "help" icon on Ebay and found that there is an 800 number to call. I got to talk to someone pretty quickly (1-2 min hold time) and he was awesome! He issued me a $25 credit on ebay's behalf and even gave me some advice on how to deal with uncooperative sellers in the future.

What I SHOULD have done:
My new friend at Ebay told me that because I paid with pay pal I should always involve them at the start of a problem! Never ship anything back to the seller because then they have your money and your item! That seems pretty obvious now, but hindsight is 20/20. I thought I was taking steps to resolve the issue amicably; but if it had been a more expensive item I would have been more cautious! Where it was only worth $20 I just trusted the seller to do the right thing! Had I involved paypal before returning the camera they would have refunded the purchase price AND shipping and then dealt with the seller. It doesn't look good for a seller to have an open paypal dispute, so this course of action would have been better for me and done more to warn future buyers.

The lesson is:
You use Paypal for a reason! Don't be afraid to involve them at the start of an issue with a seller - they are there to protect you! Also, look through all of the feedback. If it isn't 100% positive look and see what the issue was and how professionally the seller responded! (You get a chance to reply when you are left negative feedback) Sometimes there are bad buyers who leave inappropriate negative feedback - but if I had seen Lez's replies I would have thought twice before buying! Also, do not be fooled by buyer's return policies. Paypal covers you for up to 60 days!

Again - thank you to Ebay for wonderful customer service! It was nice to hear that someone understood I tried to do the right thing! Even though it was a bad seller, and not Ebay's fault, they issued me a credit. After such a positive customer service experience I will continue to use the site - because most Ebayers are really great!

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You can now see my maternity & childrens' portraiture on my website and through The Bump (Part of The Knot).


Katie Ring Images Photography
Boston/Salem, MA

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Friday, March 27, 2009

"Status Update"

My work, "status update" has been selected for an exhibition bearing the same name!


Status Update: An exhibition that explores emerging online networking
technologies and/in art.

Curated by Debbie Hesse and Donna Ruff

Start Time: Thursday, April 23, 2009 at 6:00pm
End Time: Saturday, August 1, 2009 at 6:00pm
Location: Yale's Haskins Laboratory, New Haven, CT

I don't even have all the details yet but when I do I'll post them. In the meantime I will be busy printing and framing! They want 3 of the "status update" photographs (above) and 3 of the "Facebook Portrait Project" photographs (below)


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wedding Tip #14 - All About Cake


What is your cake style? Do you want to have a cake that matches your decor or one that is an art piece? (maybe both?!) The cake above (I'm asking the bride for baker info) had flowers that matched the center pieces and bouquets. It was a simple but beautiful cake. There are a few things you'll want to think about when deciding your cake style. A big part of that will be budget. Cakes that are a works of art are priced accordingly; the more hand-made details (sugar and gum-paste flowers) the more expensive the cake will be because of the hours of work that will go into it. If you have a smaller cake budget you may want to consider purchasing a simple cake and asking your florist to create a colorful cake topper. You will have to take it off before eating - but real flowers can be just as nice decorations as sugar flowers. However, If you've got the budget, or happen to be a big fan of Ace of Cakes, I say go BIG! Your guests will definitely be talking about it if they can't figure out if your cake is edible or not! The cake below, by Charm City Cakes, (yes, that's Ace of Cakes as seen on TV) was made to command attention!

Pam & Mike's cake
Yes, that is a real cake not a wine barrel. Although I saw more than one guest closely inspect it to make sure! It was funny to see in person; looked like a barrel but smelled like delicious cake! I don't always eat cake, but in this case I had to try it! FYI - It was just as good as it smelled!

Speaking of eating, every couple should have a plan before they cut the cake. Ask your venue how much time they need to cut it. If you want it served for dessert you might need to cut it after the salad, or near the beginning of dinner, so it's plated and ready. You should also decide if want to invite guests to watch, or quietly cut it yourselves? Will you feed each other at the same time or take turns? What kind of music will be playing? If you want people to notice you should play some fun and different music, but if you want it to be more intimate just have the dinner music continue playing. Anthony and I cut our cake to Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me," yes, I can't believe I agreed to that! Guess whose idea it was? ;) The #1 thing that you should have planned BEFORE you cut the cake is how messy it will be! You should both be on the same page about how much cake smooshing (if any) there will be. Ladies, if your afraid your new husband will be too tempted to mash it in your face, let him go first! Guys, be careful, you don't want to be sleeping on the couch on your wedding night!

Cake Kiss

Awww, didn't Vicki and Adam have the sweetest frosting kiss? I love the kiss photos, as a true romantic they're my favorite. Mmmm, after looking at all that cake I need a snack now...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wedding Tip #13- Hair & Make-up


From gchat yesterday...

[12:17] katie.m.ring@gmail.com: excellent, so how are your plans coming along?

[12:19] kristin(last name deleted for privacy): So far so good..I feel like I am in a good place. I know in a month or so it will start to get nuts.all of the small things..I do have a question..did you get your hair and girls hair done at a salon..how long before the ceremony did you make appointments? I need to book this and have no idea..

[12:20] katie.m.ring@gmail.com: i had a make-up artist come to me, she brought assistants and did all the hair & make-up at my parent's house

[12:20] katie.m.ring@gmail.com: we had 7 and started at 9AM to be ready by around noon

[12:21] katie.m.ring@gmail.com: this is who I used: http://www.gracemake-up.com/

[12:21] kristin: cool..thanks..that helps

So... when should you start hair & make-up? Let me elaborate. Let's work backwards to figure that out.

You will want to be done with hair & make-up at least a half an hour before you need to leave to go to the church or your pre-wedding photo session.

Here was my timeline:
8:45 - Bridesmaids arrive
9AM - Hair & Make-up Artist's arrive
(Bridesmaids & flower girl start hair/make-up)
10:30 - Bridal hair & Make-up
11:30 - Bride gets dressed
12:30 - Pre-ceremony portraits
2:00 leave for church
2:30 Ceremony starts

So, 5 1/2 hours before ceremony start was enough time for 7 bridesmaids and a flower girl to get hair & make-up (with 3 stylists), for me to get ready, to do pre-ceremony portraits with the bridesmaids & my parents, and get to the church on time. You should check with your salon or make-up artist to see how much time she/he recommends. If you're still looking for a great stylist, talk to Grace! gracequintal@gracemake-up.com

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wedding Tip #12 - Portland Maine, Raves & Favs

I was in Portland Thursday & Friday and I wanted to take this chance to talk about some of my favorite wedding vendors in Portland. There are all places I used in my own wedding, and they're so great I wanted to give them the RAVES they deserve.

Spoil Me
43 Exchange Street, Portland, ME
When I got my dress from Spoil Me, they were still selling all types of women's clothing and hadn't switched over to bridal - but they had the best dresses! I got a simple white sheath dress to wear at our after party and my mom got her mother-of-the-bride dress here.
(Yeah, my mom didn't want the traditional MOB outfit!) I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had changed over to a bridal salon. Not only is it an adorable store with great dresses but the people are great too! When I went with my friend Abby, Emily helped us, and she was very attentive as well as just fun to have around! I stopped back in to say hello to her and we had a nice chat about how much with both love this business. How lucky are we to be able to hang out with happy brides? It's always nice to meet someone who loves weddings as much as I do! Also, if you're thinking boutique = expensive then then you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that the dresses we saw were in the $2400-$3700 range. While this is certainly more expensive than the big box bridal stores, you also get much better quality and service with a boutique. And by Boston-standards, theses prices are quite reasonable! The two Portland brides I've been chatting with (Lindsey & Abby) both rave about Spoil me too! I've also blogged about spoil me in a previous "choosing a dress" post.

D Cole
10 Exchange St, Portland, ME
I LOVE D. Cole, they are the best. Anthony and I both got our rings here. Why are they the best? You can trust that you are getting great quality jewelry - they refuse to sell anything that's going to break or fall apart. I am by no means a diamond expert. However, I've learned that the setting is as important as the stone. Stones that are hand set are much less likely to become loose over time than stones that are machine set, and when you go into D. Cole you can see the jewelers working from just next to their showroom. They were also happy to work with Anthony on designing my non-traditional pink sapphire ring! (which is SO ME)
They spend time with you, and because they don't work on commission you won't feel the pressure you feel at other jewelry stores. This is a local family-owned business. Dean and Denise Cole started the business and now their son Ryan and this fiancee Lindsey also work there. They're all super friendly - go say hello! (Tell them Katie Ring sent you!) If you're not in the market for wedding jewelry you should still stop in if you're in Portland. They have a great selection of sterling silver jewelry that you can treat yourself to! Hmmm, speaking of, maybe I need a new Pandora bead...

Papier Gourmet
26 Free St, Portland, ME
I got my invitations here after searching through stores and online for my pink and orange color combination. This is now a popular color choice, but in '07, when I did it - it was much less common and hard to find. They have the best selection of paper, including one that was pink on one side and orange on the other, just what I was looking for!
You can walk-in and look at samples but if you make an appointment they'll go over all the options with you! They have options to just order the paper or have them print the wording as well. It's also helpful to have an expert to help you with wording, and they emailed me the layout to approve before printing. I opted to assemble my own to save a little, but for the time-deprived bride you can pick them up pre-assembled making things totally easy for you!

*Please note that I am not paid for any of these endorsements. I just appreciate great businesses and I want to connect brides to the best products and services.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I've been a busy lady!

Hello blog! I've been busy, busy, busy! I decided last week to try a new wedding show with New England Bride. S0, last night I was in Nashua at the Radisson, which has a beautiful ballroom! I just loved this show. It was very well organized with every bride getting a sheet of stickers so they could enter each vendor's raffle. Usually you need to write: name, address, email, phone & wedding date, and some bride's make their own labels to put in the raffles, but I thought it was so nice the NE Bride did it for everyone who pre-registered.

Speaking of, you can come visit me at these upcoming shows:
Hyatt Regency Hotel - Boston, MA Sunday (12 noon - 3 pm)- May 31
Spinelli's Function Fac. - Lynnfield, MA, Wednesday (6 - 9 pm) - Sept 30th

I met so many wonderful people last night, I'm so excited to start chatting with them all! Right now I'm back in Portland to fulfill some official bridesmaid duties. But, now that I'm not planning for a bridal show in a week I'll be back to my blog MUCH more often! See you again soon blog :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wedding Tip #11 - To tent or not to tent


Tents are beautiful, and it's usually very nice to be outdoors. However, there are a few things to consider before choosing to tent your event. (Yes, I know that rhymes)

1) Tents are more expensive that most reception halls. Why? Because you have to rent everything! The tent itself, tables, chairs, linens, china, flatware, glassware... you get the point. Reception hall room rates usually include many, if not all, of these things.

2) Good weather is awesome but bad weather can be very bad. If you do use a tent make sure that it is one that comes with sides! If it's raining (I'm sorry, could happen, it rained on us) or super windy you'll want sides. Also, if it's a spring or fall wedding you might want to consider renting a tent heater too.

3) Facilities - Consider where you are putting your tent. Will it be accessible to all your guests? Many fields and beaches aren't exactly handicap accessible. Also, how far will everyone have to walk to find the restrooms? Is there a place for your caterer to work?

4) More leg-work. When choosing a tented reception you have to book more individual vendors yourself. There isn't usually a location coordinator so you'll need to do more for yourself. You may need permits, and will need to find your own caterer and bartenders. I don't like one-stop wedding shopping, I think you should always choose your own DJ, florist and photographer! However, it is nice to know that all of the correct permits are in place and a site coordinator who knows the ins and outs of the location are there to help you.

Yes, I know I'm playing devil's advocate. Have I scared you off from tenting yet? Really, that isn't my goal, I swear. Again, tents are BEAUTIFUL! However, I hear so many brides talking about a tented reception who haven't considered the downsides. It's always important to know what you're getting into and when mother nature is involved have a back-up plan!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Photo Club!

I've uploaded more photographs from my photo club. We have two fun projects we're working on. The first is project is inspired by Stephen Shore's food photographs that the ICP is selling as place mats.

Buy them as a gift for me, wink wink! (Online shopping & photograph from - http://shopping.icp.org/store/product.html?product_id=26616)

Here are some of our versions:



We're also working on a project photographing the world outside the windows of the soldier's home. Stieglitz proved that we all have the available landscape to make beautiful photographs.

(Photograph from: http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/art/AN0262 - Alfred Stieglitz: Equivalent (Set H, Print 1), 1923; gelatin silver print; 4 5/8 x 3 5/8 in.; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Alfred Stieglitz Collection, gift of Georgia O'Keeffe.)

With this same thought in mind I challenged my photo club to shoot what is right outside their own windows. Here is some of the work from this series:




To see any more of our work please visit our flickr site or click on any of the photos.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Wedding Tip # 10 - Vendors like to eat too

Tonight I had wine with married & engaged friends of mine and there was a lot of wedding chatter! It brought up a lot of good ideas for wedding tip posts! So, here comes "vendors like to eat too." This came up when we were talking about how couples often don't think about feeding their vendors. I don't blame them - they're thinking about guests, not us! Most caterers or reception sites will remember to ask you about vendor meals, but if they haven't brought it up you should check. I always carry a granola bar in my photo bag - but since I'm usually with a couple from when they're getting ready I love having a real bite to eat. Sometimes you can get "vendor meals" instead of a full guest meal. This will save you some money and I don't mind a bit! A quick sandwich is much easier to gobble up so I don't miss anything. If your vendors are eating the same meals as your guests, it's not a bad idea to ask your venue to serve them promptly, and have them seated in the same room or close by. There are not really photos to take while everyone is eating - but I like to stick very close by so I don't miss anything. You'll also want your band/DJ within earshot so they can be sure that the right music keeps playing through your dinner.


I like this food photo because I thought the idea of fruit-filled wine glasses was a great way to raise up the food.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lisa and Jeff's Wedding


I finished Lisa's albums and we're ready to send them to the printer! :) It was such a beautiful wedding! Perfect weather really let us take advantage of the gorgeous grounds at Regis College. I also thought she made nice use of white decor for a really high-end look.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Dorothea Lange on NPR

While driving to photo club today I heard this great story and wanted to share because I so much admire Dorothea Lange's work. Although I have to say, I just about wanted to cry when I heard that Ansel Adams said of Lange, while she was making this work, "Why is Dorothea photographing those dirty people?" I am disapointed to learn that Adams didn't get it.

From WBUR: "MIT Professor Anne Whiston Spirn, whose book is called “Daring to Look: Dorothea Lange’s Photographs & Reports from the Field,” writes about how Dorothea Lange, the photographer hired in the New Deal to document the plight of migrant workers, revealed much more than meets the eye about the poverty-stricken people in her photos. Professor Spirn traveled to the areas that Lange photographed, and compares then & now."

Listen now @

Photo from http://www.hereandnow.org, (Dorothea Lange) Migrant Mother in Nipomo, California, 1936. Lange’s original caption: “Destitute peapickers in California; a 32 year old mother of seven children. February 1936.”

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wedding Tip #9 - How do I match a gold dress?


Robert's suit matches Chantal's gold dress well. I love the touches of orange, yellow, and red they added.

"Hi Katie~ I was just checking out your wedding blog, what great tips! The pictures from your wedding are beautiful, everything came together so well. Congrats! I have a WR question for you. My dress is light gold, and I'm having the hardest time figuring out what Devin should wear. Tuxes are a no, but what color suit or dress shirt would you recommend? Also, I agree with Abby, you should consider becoming a wedding planner!
All the best,

Meg - First thanks for your vote of confidence on my wedding planning abilities! While I LOVE weddings, I really do, I like photographing them best of all. Since I can't be out shooting everyday, talking about weddings and the planning on my blog is a lot of fun for me. I'm excited to be getting all of these questions, so thank you!

When planning your wedding colors there are a few more questions to ask that will help you pick a palette.

• What time of the year are you getting married?
• Are you having bridesmaids? If so what color would you like them to wear?
• What is the style of your wedding? Casual? Formal?
• Do you have a "theme" or color scheme for the wedding?
• Do you know what kinds of flowers you'd like?

No matter what the answers to the above questions, I think Devin should not wear white. Since you've chosen light gold, I think it would look odd if he wears white and you don't. An ivory or cream shirt will be a much better match to your dress. I like cream, gold, and browns mixed together. So, I would suggest a camel, tan, linen or khaki colored suit or dress pants. He can go with or without a jacket depending on how formal your wedding will be. You could stay with creams, browns, and gold or introduce another color into the mix. For example, if you add red and orange, you can add it through flowers without anyone actually wearing the color. If you are having bridesmaids or Devin wants to wear a color he would look nice dressed in a red or orange shirt with a khaki suit. The bridal party could match with red accents on the bridesmaids dresses and red ties for the men. Non-traditional dress colors are becoming very popular! Mine was actually a very pale blush pink. :) Dresses now come in cream, champagne, candlelight, rum, eggshell and many more options! Here are some photo ideas for non-traditional wedding palettes.


Mike wore a ivory suit with and orange dress shirt. These colors look great in the golden sunset light!


Lora and Mike had a less formal wedding, and therefore he didn't need a jacket. His red shirt compliments her fall bouquet.


Poosie is a Harley Davidson enthusiast. So, he chose to wear his leather vest! Juli chose non-traditional wedding attire as well, and I think they look great together.

See more red, orange, and gold wedding photographs in the inspiration gallery.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wedding Tip #8 - Choosing a dress!

Last night I went with my friend Abby to Spoil Me in Portland, ME to look at wedding dresses. Spoil Me is a new bridal boutique (they used to sell all kinds of women's clothing). I was very impressed with the selection and lovely atmosphere inside their newly redesigned store! After the dress fitting - and hearing my dress advice - Abby asked me, only half kidding, so when are you going to become a wedding planner? Which made me think - I DO love weddings, but I love photographing them more than planning! However, I have a ton of stored up advice since I've planned my own and attended over 100 weddings! Instead of just sharing my advice with my friends... here is yet another Katie wedding tip!


Advice for BRIDES:
Not every style looks good on every bride. It's important to have a vision of what you'd like to wear, but be open and try on a few different styles so that you can see what different bustlines, waistlines, and dress shapes look like on your body. Don't forget that these are sample sizes! Chances are that they will not fit you perfectly and you will either need to have them clipped tighter or leave them partially unzipped. This happens to EVERYONE, so try to look past the "creative" fitting methods you might need to use. Your dress with be fitted to you perfectly - I loved my seamstress! So, take notice of what styles look good on your body - but don't scrutinize very wrinkle & bump in the fabric. You will hear a lot of opinions the more helpers you bring along but remember this is your dress and you should give your own opinion the most weight!

Take careful notes for the Bride. While she tries on dresses, for each one she likes you should write down the designer, style # or name, price, and a brief description. I also numbered the dresses in the order she tried them on and took a photo of each dress, with the bride-to-be's camera, so she would have the photos and notes to look at when she went back over the dresses.

I've noticed there is one big question many brides don't think about when shopping for their gown. What will it look like bustled? You should ask your bridal boutique to show you what the bustle will look like. Don't forget that for all of the reception (most of your wedding day) your dress will be bustled, not opened up with it's full train! Some dresses look better with a traditional bustle, others look better with a french bustle. Click here for a bustle description from brides.com. And click here for more bustle descriptions and photos. The french bustle is by far my favorite. I find it to be the most elegant. If you prefer one bustle style over another you should speak to a seamstress BEFORE purchasing your dress so you are sure she can do the bustle you have in mind with that particular dress!

Oh, and have fun! Dress shopping is so exciting! Don't feel like you need to leave knowing which dress is "the one." If you're not sure, look over your photos and notes and visit other boutiques. Many dresses take about four months to come in, and then you need time for your alterations. This means you should be making a final dress selection and ordering 6 to 9 months before your wedding date.

Like a dress that's a bit out of your price range? Don't forget about trunk shows! Here is the listing of trunk shows from Modern Trousseau:

Or you could try your luck at the running of the brides:

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I've been adding to the Wedding Inspiration Image Bank! Check out the new flower photos... more to come soon!

Picture 18.png

Monday, March 2, 2009

Wedding Tip #7 - Wedding Timeline & Cocktail hour

In response to Wedding Tip #3 "Venue Rental Packages"

Abigail said...

"Katie - why does the venue offer drinks and snacks for the bridal party before the reception begins? Won't the bridal party be busy at that time?"

The short answer is that a venue might (and I think should) offer a separate "cocktail hour" for the bridal party because they often miss the cocktail hour. Wedding parties typically spend at least the first part of the cocktail hour taking photographs. If you arrive before the cocktail hour is over, you still may want to take a breather in a separate room before your big introduction. When you are taking this breather you might also want a snack or to sip champagne. The fact that this venue goes the extra mile to make sure you're happy and comfortable is a good sign!

And, while we're on this topic - I'd like to share a basic timeline for the wedding day. At every first meeting I go over this with my Bride and Groom to help them plan when and where they'd like me to be taking photographs!


Photography start time: ________________

• ____________________ Bride & bridesmaids getting ready
• ____________________ Groom & groomsmen getting ready
• ____________________ Pre-wedding Formal portraits
• ____________________ Ceremony
• ____________________ Receiving Line
• ____________________ Formal Portraits
• ____________________ Cocktail Hour
• ____________________ Reception Introduction
• ____________________ Dances
• ____________________ Toasts/Blessing
• ____________________ Reception Portraits
• ____________________ Dinner
• ____________________ Cake Cutting
• ____________________ Garter/Bouquet
• ____________________ Dancing
• ____________________ Reception End

This is the "typical" order of events for a wedding - but I love weddings that have a couple's personality show through with new or different traditions. If I can help you with your own timeline line please send me an email, katie.m.ring@gmail.com. Happy Planning!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wedding Tip #6 - Choosing Vendors


Who should you work with? First hire vendors whose work you love! Make sure that personalities mesh well with yours and that prices fit your budget. You may think, personality...does that really matter? It does! On such an important day you'll want to surround yourself with people who make you feel good and this includes the people you hire. When it comes to price don’t be tempted by the bargains if you don’t love what you see of the person's work. If you love your baker's cake portfolio, chances are you're going to love your wedding cake. Most of us need to settle a bit on our 'wants' to stay on budget (I know I did) so think ahead where you're willing to compromise and where you want to splurge. For vendors without a portfolio, for example D J's, ask to speak to past clients for referrals. Happy brides give great referrals so every vendor should have a few past clients you can call or email!