Monday, March 9, 2009

Wedding Tip # 10 - Vendors like to eat too

Tonight I had wine with married & engaged friends of mine and there was a lot of wedding chatter! It brought up a lot of good ideas for wedding tip posts! So, here comes "vendors like to eat too." This came up when we were talking about how couples often don't think about feeding their vendors. I don't blame them - they're thinking about guests, not us! Most caterers or reception sites will remember to ask you about vendor meals, but if they haven't brought it up you should check. I always carry a granola bar in my photo bag - but since I'm usually with a couple from when they're getting ready I love having a real bite to eat. Sometimes you can get "vendor meals" instead of a full guest meal. This will save you some money and I don't mind a bit! A quick sandwich is much easier to gobble up so I don't miss anything. If your vendors are eating the same meals as your guests, it's not a bad idea to ask your venue to serve them promptly, and have them seated in the same room or close by. There are not really photos to take while everyone is eating - but I like to stick very close by so I don't miss anything. You'll also want your band/DJ within earshot so they can be sure that the right music keeps playing through your dinner.


I like this food photo because I thought the idea of fruit-filled wine glasses was a great way to raise up the food.

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