Monday, March 2, 2009

Wedding Tip #7 - Wedding Timeline & Cocktail hour

In response to Wedding Tip #3 "Venue Rental Packages"

Abigail said...

"Katie - why does the venue offer drinks and snacks for the bridal party before the reception begins? Won't the bridal party be busy at that time?"

The short answer is that a venue might (and I think should) offer a separate "cocktail hour" for the bridal party because they often miss the cocktail hour. Wedding parties typically spend at least the first part of the cocktail hour taking photographs. If you arrive before the cocktail hour is over, you still may want to take a breather in a separate room before your big introduction. When you are taking this breather you might also want a snack or to sip champagne. The fact that this venue goes the extra mile to make sure you're happy and comfortable is a good sign!

And, while we're on this topic - I'd like to share a basic timeline for the wedding day. At every first meeting I go over this with my Bride and Groom to help them plan when and where they'd like me to be taking photographs!


Photography start time: ________________

• ____________________ Bride & bridesmaids getting ready
• ____________________ Groom & groomsmen getting ready
• ____________________ Pre-wedding Formal portraits
• ____________________ Ceremony
• ____________________ Receiving Line
• ____________________ Formal Portraits
• ____________________ Cocktail Hour
• ____________________ Reception Introduction
• ____________________ Dances
• ____________________ Toasts/Blessing
• ____________________ Reception Portraits
• ____________________ Dinner
• ____________________ Cake Cutting
• ____________________ Garter/Bouquet
• ____________________ Dancing
• ____________________ Reception End

This is the "typical" order of events for a wedding - but I love weddings that have a couple's personality show through with new or different traditions. If I can help you with your own timeline line please send me an email, Happy Planning!

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