About Me

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I am...An artist. Social Media enthusiast. Tea addict. Foodie. Lover of weddings, yoga, & anything pink. Photog, twit & blogger for Stonewall Kitchen. Who knew my college nickname of 'kitchen' would only become more relevant as I got older? I love to eat as well as cook! I photograph food, weddings/events, portraits, and fine art projects including: Fairgrounds and Status Update. An image from my Status Update Project is currently being shown at this gallery: www.artlab9.com.
My favorite color is pink. I can usually be seen carrying a mug of tea - or my ipad/iphone. My husband is wonderful and is always making me laugh. We live in Salem, MA near the harbor. I love summertime when I can feel the cool breeze from my porch and take my kayak out in water! I'm an SU Orange fan, that is my alma mater! I studied commercial photography at Syracuse and I completed my MFA in photography at the Art Institute of Boston.

My work:
I've been lucky enough to try many different things with-in my chosen career of photography. I love weddings, and I truly do believe that it is an honor to be chosen to preserve the memories of a couple's wedding day through photographs.  I love to cook... and eat.
    - I photograph love, marriage and babies: RingImages.com
    - I make art: KatieRing.com
    - I shoot food: StonewallKitchen.com

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