Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chulamama photoshoot 11/1

I've recently started doing some photography for Noelle and Heather of Chulamama - aren't their kid's city tee's cute? Well... the kids themselves are pretty adorable too, huh? :)
Join me at Chulamama on 11/1 for FREE photo sessions! Both maternity and children's photo sessions are available. The sitting will be free and all photographs will be available for your print and/or download purchase online. I hope to see you there! We will also be giving away a free sitting in a location of your choosing. (Some location suggestions are your home, my studio, park/garden, beach.)

Chulamama Danvers, MA
(note this is their new location not downtown Salem)
On Rt 114, minutes from 128/95
85 andover St, Danvers, MA

Drops ins are welcome or call/email for a time slot

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dorothea Lange & Georgia O'Keeffe

I received this book: Dorothea Lange, A Life Beyond Limits (by Linda Gordon) from the author's publicist.

I have to say it felt like Christmas to get this nice big book in the mail before it was available to everyone else! This new biography of Dorothea Lange is a must have for any photographer or art lover's library. For me, learning about the amazing woman behind the camera makes her photographs even better.

"Perhaps the biggest surprise about Lange’s personal life was that she was by no means the saintly, self-effacing personality that many had assumed, extrapolating from her photography. On the contrary, she was driven by ambition, sometimes irritable, often demanding—yet uncommonly sensitive and generous."

Lange, a photographer I have always admired, is brought to life through the pages of this book. As photographers we often attempt to reveal much about our subjects while shielding ourselves. I enjoyed this look at the woman behind the camera.

Get a copy for yourself!

This is the first time I've received something at no charge and mentioned it on my blog. So... I feel like I can't stay much more about it without being a sell out! While it was a cool experience, I by no means plan to turn my blog into advertising. I will continue to write about my life & photography - so don't worry about having to read lots of random product reviews!

So, speaking of female artists I adore - I was flipping through the free on demand movies and came across this:

Ok, I'll be the first to admit that lifetime movies are usually all man-hating and not so good, but I really liked this one... even if they were a bit hard on poor Stieglitz. Last I checked it was still on comcast's free on demand so take a look! I knew that O'Keeffe was Stieglitz's muse but seeing, though these actors, out how he thrust her into the spotlight was revealing. I particularly liked the mention that his photographic work was fading out of the public eye and she worked hard after his death to establish his legacy... what an interesting relationship.

Side note, what is with the heavily airbrushed photo of Joan Allen (O'Keeffe)? She almost looks like a child in the artwork but we only see her as an adult in the movie - what is the deal?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So you want to be a photographer?

I was recently talking to a friend who wants to get into wedding photography. Then I thought, hey, people helped me when I was just starting so why not pay it forward... here goes!

Getting Started:

- Purchase photographer uniform - black dress/suit! :) My super girl photo belt with Velcro-in accessories is also a must have!

(photo posted to Facebook by Tara Pullam)

- Pro equipment: You'll need pro cameras & lenses! The glass makes a big difference! As well as similar quality back-up equipment. (If you don't own it rent it)

- Education: Just like nurses need to be trained, there are skills & tricks of the trade that you should learn that you cannot pick up on your own. You may not be saving lives - but to your clients their wedding photos are a matter of life & death so don't take your responsibility lightly! Take classes & workshops.

- Assist, assist, assist. First work as a wedding photographer's assistant. Then work as a 2nd shooter. This is a great way to build confidence, skills, & your portfolio.

- Research. What are photographer's charging? Yes this will vary a lot and it will be based on experience, style, overhead... a lot of different things. You need to add up your own costs.

- Join a professional organization, PPA, ASMP, or even Pictage/Collages and go to meetings & read forums.

- Shoot a discounted rate wedding but NOT FREE. Don't devalue yourself, but explain to your clients that you are offering them a lower rate because you have experience as a 2nd shooter but this will be your first solo wedding. There are plenty of couples out there with little budget but your job is to educate them that your price is directly related your your experience. Do this to watch your own back! You don't want them telling their friends what they paid you and being stuck with that low rate. This way if they refer friends you can up your price based on the experience you've gained since.

- Practice at a friend's wedding. Only IF they're ok with it and you're not in the pro's way. A good time would be during getting ready photos before the pro gets there, cocktail hour, or dancing shots! Do as I say not as I do... if you are IN the wedding you can't shoot it. (I put the camera away to walk down the aisle)

- Know when to say NO. Some clients want more than is reasonable. If they are difficult in the beginning - chances are they won't get any easier to work with! If you get a bad vibe run the other way. You need to have a good relationship with your clients to give them the beautiful wedding memories they deserve.

- Attend wedding shows. This way you can see how photographer present themselves. This will help you when marketing yourself!

- Create a website & sample album. You can't get work if you don't have any photos to show! Don't cut corners. If you show a cheap album you're telling potential clients that you don't care about your work enough to give it a good home.

- Have fun. This is a job, but one when you're present on one of the biggest days in the couple's lives. You need to be happy to be there! If it ever stops being fun don't do it!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rain, Rain, go away?

Or perhaps next time I'll be wishing for rain! Jenn & Mike's wedding is coming up and we planned a combination site walk though and engagement shoot. We had already rescheduled once because of weather so we decided to just go for it in the rain. As it turns out, rain can make for some pretty sweet shots! :)

Ingredients for a Rainy portrait session:
1) adventurous Bride & Groom
2) adventurous photographer with waterproof bag
3) nice looking plain black umbrella
4) extra golf umbrella (for photographer)
5) RAIN!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just passing along the savings...

Saw this in my inbox & thought some of you would like it. If you're looking into Vera Wang invites you can get 25 free when you buy 50. Enjoy!

Find them here: