Friday, March 6, 2009

Dorothea Lange on NPR

While driving to photo club today I heard this great story and wanted to share because I so much admire Dorothea Lange's work. Although I have to say, I just about wanted to cry when I heard that Ansel Adams said of Lange, while she was making this work, "Why is Dorothea photographing those dirty people?" I am disapointed to learn that Adams didn't get it.

From WBUR: "MIT Professor Anne Whiston Spirn, whose book is called “Daring to Look: Dorothea Lange’s Photographs & Reports from the Field,” writes about how Dorothea Lange, the photographer hired in the New Deal to document the plight of migrant workers, revealed much more than meets the eye about the poverty-stricken people in her photos. Professor Spirn traveled to the areas that Lange photographed, and compares then & now."

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Photo from, (Dorothea Lange) Migrant Mother in Nipomo, California, 1936. Lange’s original caption: “Destitute peapickers in California; a 32 year old mother of seven children. February 1936.”

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