Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wedding Tip #9 - How do I match a gold dress?


Robert's suit matches Chantal's gold dress well. I love the touches of orange, yellow, and red they added.

"Hi Katie~ I was just checking out your wedding blog, what great tips! The pictures from your wedding are beautiful, everything came together so well. Congrats! I have a WR question for you. My dress is light gold, and I'm having the hardest time figuring out what Devin should wear. Tuxes are a no, but what color suit or dress shirt would you recommend? Also, I agree with Abby, you should consider becoming a wedding planner!
All the best,

Meg - First thanks for your vote of confidence on my wedding planning abilities! While I LOVE weddings, I really do, I like photographing them best of all. Since I can't be out shooting everyday, talking about weddings and the planning on my blog is a lot of fun for me. I'm excited to be getting all of these questions, so thank you!

When planning your wedding colors there are a few more questions to ask that will help you pick a palette.

• What time of the year are you getting married?
• Are you having bridesmaids? If so what color would you like them to wear?
• What is the style of your wedding? Casual? Formal?
• Do you have a "theme" or color scheme for the wedding?
• Do you know what kinds of flowers you'd like?

No matter what the answers to the above questions, I think Devin should not wear white. Since you've chosen light gold, I think it would look odd if he wears white and you don't. An ivory or cream shirt will be a much better match to your dress. I like cream, gold, and browns mixed together. So, I would suggest a camel, tan, linen or khaki colored suit or dress pants. He can go with or without a jacket depending on how formal your wedding will be. You could stay with creams, browns, and gold or introduce another color into the mix. For example, if you add red and orange, you can add it through flowers without anyone actually wearing the color. If you are having bridesmaids or Devin wants to wear a color he would look nice dressed in a red or orange shirt with a khaki suit. The bridal party could match with red accents on the bridesmaids dresses and red ties for the men. Non-traditional dress colors are becoming very popular! Mine was actually a very pale blush pink. :) Dresses now come in cream, champagne, candlelight, rum, eggshell and many more options! Here are some photo ideas for non-traditional wedding palettes.


Mike wore a ivory suit with and orange dress shirt. These colors look great in the golden sunset light!


Lora and Mike had a less formal wedding, and therefore he didn't need a jacket. His red shirt compliments her fall bouquet.


Poosie is a Harley Davidson enthusiast. So, he chose to wear his leather vest! Juli chose non-traditional wedding attire as well, and I think they look great together.

See more red, orange, and gold wedding photographs in the inspiration gallery.

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