Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wedding Tip #13- Hair & Make-up


From gchat yesterday...

[12:17] katie.m.ring@gmail.com: excellent, so how are your plans coming along?

[12:19] kristin(last name deleted for privacy): So far so good..I feel like I am in a good place. I know in a month or so it will start to get nuts.all of the small things..I do have a question..did you get your hair and girls hair done at a salon..how long before the ceremony did you make appointments? I need to book this and have no idea..

[12:20] katie.m.ring@gmail.com: i had a make-up artist come to me, she brought assistants and did all the hair & make-up at my parent's house

[12:20] katie.m.ring@gmail.com: we had 7 and started at 9AM to be ready by around noon

[12:21] katie.m.ring@gmail.com: this is who I used: http://www.gracemake-up.com/

[12:21] kristin: cool..thanks..that helps

So... when should you start hair & make-up? Let me elaborate. Let's work backwards to figure that out.

You will want to be done with hair & make-up at least a half an hour before you need to leave to go to the church or your pre-wedding photo session.

Here was my timeline:
8:45 - Bridesmaids arrive
9AM - Hair & Make-up Artist's arrive
(Bridesmaids & flower girl start hair/make-up)
10:30 - Bridal hair & Make-up
11:30 - Bride gets dressed
12:30 - Pre-ceremony portraits
2:00 leave for church
2:30 Ceremony starts

So, 5 1/2 hours before ceremony start was enough time for 7 bridesmaids and a flower girl to get hair & make-up (with 3 stylists), for me to get ready, to do pre-ceremony portraits with the bridesmaids & my parents, and get to the church on time. You should check with your salon or make-up artist to see how much time she/he recommends. If you're still looking for a great stylist, talk to Grace! gracequintal@gracemake-up.com

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