Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wedding Tip #17 - when to buy white

To start thinking about black and white - here is a wedding inspiration board from Lexi & Mike's wedding with lots of black and white photos! Lexi and Mike got married at the Westin Hotel Waltham-Boston on New Year's Eve. They had a every elegant wedding and kept it fun with cute details! The party favors they had brought out just before midnight really helped get everyone into a festive new year's mood. Bringing out creative favors can really influence the mood of your day!


Ok, back to today's tip. WHEN SHOULD YOU BUY WHITE? Thinking you'd like to wear white to your shower, bachelorette party or rehearsal dinner? Don't forget that white is SEASONAL! That's right, if you have a fall wedding you might have a hard time if you wait to look for white clothing until the month of the event. Start shopping early! Or, if it's off season try outlets and online shopping. Also, keep in mind that white is not the only seasonal color! If you are using a signature color for your wedding and would like your rehearsal dress to match you should shop for it during the corresponding season. For example if your looking for white or pastel, think late winter as that's when spring clothes come out. Also, if your weight fluctuates buy your dress on the big side. A seamstress can almost always make is smaller for you, and it's not worth feeling uncomfortable in something too tight!

While we're talking about off-the-rack shopping - don't forget you can do this for bridesmaids dresses too! There isn't a rule that you must go the typical bridal shop route. A lot of stores are starting to offer bridal party options, and department store websites make browsing on the rack dresses just as easy as off the rack at bridal stores.

J Crew Bridal
Anne Taylor Weddings
Macy's Bridal Party
Nordstrom Bridal Attire

Know of any sites I should add? Email me and I'd be happy to. Happy shopping!


Bernadette Coveney Smith said...

How funny! I went to a wedding at the Westin Waltham this past NYE. It was a blast and the favors made for great photos. Were these photos from 07 or earlier?

Katie Ring said...

Bernadette, it was NYE 2007. Also, thanks for stopping by my blog!

Checking yours out right now...