Monday, February 9, 2009

Donate your old digital camera!

I am an artist in residence at the Chelsea Soldier's home and Quigley Memorial Hospital. Our camera club as received a grant to acquire cameras and put on an art show of our work. We are looking for donated and low cost digital cameras. Today I had the brilliant idea to use the power of Facebook to score some digital cameras. On Facebook join the group "DIGITAL CAMERAS FOR VETS" and help spread the word!

I started volunteering with the photo club when Anthony's grandfather was a resident there. He has since passed away but I've continued working with the camera club. In January we received a grant from the Chelsea, MA cultural council and more funds from within the soldier's home. We are using this money to create an artist in residence program and pay me a small stipend for
my time. It's also going to purchasing used digital cameras (and to pay shipping on donated ones). Finally the grant money will allow us to frame some of their work and hold a gallery show! We did a little show with our previous work, but this time we'll be able to frame more work and even send out an invitation.

You can help by donating your digital camera (and deduct it from next years taxes) Or sell us your old camera! Digital cameras that are in working order, include chargers or take AA/AAA batteries are needed! I need cameras that do not use outdated memory cards or include some memory. Pay will be a max of $30, depend on the condition, and will be given to you via pay pal. (email to discuss all sales or donations) You can also TALK IT UP! Ask more people to join the Facebook group! Ask your friends and family if they have unused digital cameras.

I had planned to do some adjunct or part-time teaching when I finished my MFA. My work with the Soldier's home is a great start on this! I'll continue to add to my teaching resume and see where that leads. I'm also going to keep shooting weddings, portraits, art projects and
commercial work. In this economy having many projects and sources of income is essential! I'm excited to try many different projects - as along as they all relate to photography/art. That is what I love!

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