Friday, February 20, 2009

I've fallen back in love with my blog

This week I was inspired to spruce up my blog so I could use it at an effective marketing tool for my wedding photography. I cleaned up the design, added more links and started a new system of adding photos. I tagged old posts and I realized that my blog is much more than a marketing tool. It's a mini self-history. There are many reasons a blog can be effective for marketing. Updating photos faster than I can on my website is a big part of that. However, letting my clients, and future clients, know a bit about me is also important.

Today I re-discovered my first post (also tagged "life). I had just started graduate school and having a blog was highly encouraged. I still still stuck in a recent college grad frame of mind and trying to figure things out. By no means to I mean to say I've got it all figured out now but I look at the last two and a half years and all of the changes they have happened in my life.

• I spent a life changing month in India volunteering with operation smile
• I lost 2 grandparents & a grandfather in-law and felt deep personal loss for the first time
• Anthony & I got married
• We purchased our first home
• I balanced graduate school, planning a wedding, condo-buying, and my photography business
•I started and finished my masters of fine arts. I am now 26 (ok days away from 27) and have a terminal degree in my field...

I got what I asked for when I started initiating all these changes! I've grown!
(and my blog will continue to grow and change with me)

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perfect bound said...

Congrats! What a year. I love your new blog and am so inspired by your list, I'm going to scribble one of my very own right now.