Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wedding Tip #4 - Bride's magazines & Inspiration Boards

In the early stages of wedding planning you should buy yourself a bridal magazine. It is a bride's right of passage, and to reveal my inner Bostonian, it's 'wicked fun' to look though all of the photos and get ideas for your own wedding. Dudes - did you know there IS a groom's magazine? It's called Today's Groom. (Yes, I know there are many, many, more magazines marketed for women but I wanted to share this one with you!)

(click image to view larger)

You can also search the internet for photos that represent your vision and ideas. I suggest using cut outs from magazines or digital collage to create wedding inspiration boards like the one I've posed here. Kathryn, at snippet & ink, does this very well! Check out her beautiful boards on her blog! (Lot's of B's - that was a mouthful!)

Please note how Kathryn credits where she get her photographs! Many photographers, myself included, are happy to let you use photographs for your inspiration we just want credit! How do you know if you're allowed to use a photographer's images? See how they've licensed their work!

My wedding images on Flickr are licensed as Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Creative Commons. What does that mean? You can use them with these terms:

-Attribution means - please give me credit

- NonCommercial means - for your personal use but not used to sell things ... unless you pay me :)

- NoDerivs means - you cannot turn my photos into something new, aka photoshop, cropping etc (But if you ask I'll probably say yes, I just want to know HOW my photo babies are used)
For more information on this, please visit the Creative Commons website.

Please do take a look at my Flickr wedding gallery for your wedding ideas. I am still uploading inspiration images so if you're looking for a specific color combination or theme let me know and I'll search my archives for you! :)

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perfect bound said...

Looking forward to checking out your Flickr gallery Katie. We were married a few months ago but I still buy all the wedding magazines I can get my hands on. I call it research but it's more like an obsession..!