Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wedding Tip #2 - White or Ivory?


I was asked: "Random question... I think you had an ivory dress. Did the guys wear a
white tux shirt or ivory? I am afraid the ivory looks a little dirty but I want to make sure the white and ivory don't clash."

My answer: Have the guys wear ivory too! Otherwise in group photos your dress will look off. Don't worry about the ivory looking dirty... when it's the lightest color in the photo it will look great! For our wedding Anthony and his guys wore ivory :) I think it looked great but here are some photos so you can judge for yourself.


An update since I was just asked this questions again. ;)

So the answer is yes, if you're wearing ivory, have him wear an ivory shirt! Anthony wore ivory and it was perfect & didn't look dirty at all. Your photographer will balance to ivory if you're all wearing it and it will look great. If you can I suggest bringing a fabric sample from your dress when you go to look at tux shirts so you can try and match. When in doubt go with a lighter ivory but stay far away from bright white!

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