Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wedding Tip #22 - Great Photos take TIME

Last weekend I shot a wedding where I was given enough time to get all the shots I wanted. YAY! Sometimes, to achieve this, photographers shoot portraits the day after the wedding. However, then you need to get your hair and make-up done again. So... what are the other options? You could do portraits before the wedding, but some couples don't want to see each other until the bride walks down the aisle. (Kaleen and Matt felt this way) So... what did we do? We shot during their cocktail hour. To accomplish this we needed to take slightly more than an hour - and we needed to be very efficient with group portraits. The portraits at this weeding took about an hour and 15 minutes. We did the group shots first (about 25 mins) and then just Kaleen and Matt (about 45 mins) - this time includes all walking/location changes. My stopwatch started at the first attempt to gather people and went until they walked down the stairs - ready to be introduced.

The "Wedding Portrait"


This is a classic, must-have shot. Even if it's not your style you should have one looking-at-the-camera traditional portrait. Do it for Mom, do it for Grandma... but do it! With the 2nd photo shown we added a twist! While I don't think cocktails should be in every photo, I love this toasting shot. And so did they... they finally got to have some of those drinks they'd been handed!

The "Walking Away"
Kaleen and Matt Bridge


This photo is a great way to end the album. (Yes, a good photographer has to think of everything, including the final album, on wedding day) Most weddings have a last dance, but it doesn't look any different than the first dance. (Except maybe more of her hair has come loose) Sometimes there is a "get away" with a special car, sparklers, or other fun event. But, most of the time, there are just a lot of hugs and goodbyes. So, what goes last in the album? This shot!

The "Drama Kiss"
Kaleen and Matt Stariway

Kaleen and Matt Drama Kiss
(two above) Stairways = drama. Enough said. Ok, Black & White tends to also up the drama factor!

(directly above) This is my favorite shot! And, it's usually the one most couples give me the weirdest look when I ask them to do it! He worries he might drop her. She says it's a weird angle for her back... but isn't it worth it! Usually I say if it feels uncomfortable don't do it because you'll look weird. This is the exception to the rule. I think every couple needs a shot like this! Then again, I'm an incredibility girly hopeless romantic.

The "Portrait Kiss"
Kaleen and Matt Kiss
Did I mention I like kissing photos? The portrait kiss is always nice. Also, for those out there who are a little camera shy - I think this is actually a little easier. You get to look at each other. You get to kiss. I can shoot with a long lens and give you a little space! And, it's a nice break from that smile that's getting frozen on your face. I always ask my couples to kiss again, and again, and again...

The "Environment"
Kaleen and Matt Doorway

Ok, let's talk about taking advantage of your venue. Are there cool spots in your chosen location? Take photos there! Be sure to set aside time to shoot there too, in additional to outdoors! Also, in case of the dreaded 4 letter "R" word (ahem, rain) it's a good idea to have some indoor spots you love for your photos.

The location of Kaleen and Matt's wedding, and all portraits here were taken at Glen Manor House, Portsmouth, RI.

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