Thursday, May 21, 2009

Camera Questions

So I get asked (all the time!) about upgrading cameras... even from my mortgage broker ;)

jonathan: hi katie ring. not sure if you remember me. i did your loan for your new house
10:55 AM hope that is going well for you
me: yes, i remember
you left BOA, right?
how are you?
jonathan: yeah
i am really well
i live in mexico
me: good to hear
jonathan: so i had a camera question
if maybe you could lend some advice
10:56 AM me: sure
what's up?
jonathan: so i bought a canon, powershot, sx10is
but i feel i am limited by it
10:57 AM like, it takes great pictures
but i can do better
it was good to learn on i suppose
but i want something better
any suggestions
10:58 AM me: Well, the biggest leap is from a point and shoot to a digital SLR
an SLR still have automatic settings, but also semi-automatic and manual settings
10:59 AM jonathan: so slr is the way to go huh
me: interchangeable lenses are also important because the quality of the photos is only as good as the glass they were shot through
jonathan: exactly. and with the one i have now, i cant get an aftermarket lense on there
11:00 AM me: You can buy used on ebay... I am acutally about to list a Nikon D200
jonathan: really?
me: yep
another favorite camera of mine is the fuji S2 pro
it's only 6 mega pixel but the color and quality is amazing
11:01 AM you could probably pick up one of those very cheaply
jonathan: i have some great pic opportunities in mexico
me: I bet!
jonathan: i just want to take professional looking pics.
11:02 AM me: well it's part camera, but it's also part learning how to use that camera well
jonathan: i have the creativity, and rough knowledge of shooting
me: well I am teaching an online landscape photo class ;)
jonathan: i saw that
i just checked out your site actually, a few weeks ago
11:03 AM you take awesome pics
me: Do you mind if I copy our gchat (it would just say jonathan) into my blog? I love to add real convos with camera advice!
jonathan: oh go ahead, for sure
11:07 AM me: thanks

This has got to be the most common question I get asked by friends & family. What I said to Jon is what I say all the time. It's both about the quality of the camera AND the skill of the photographer. So if you're looking to take better pictures you should both upgrade your equipment and take a photo class. If you're just looking for a nice camera, a good rule of thumb is to go with something with a name you know! Nikon, Cannon, Olympus... all good stuff! Go into the store and try it out! How does it feel in your hands? Do you like how big it is, do you like where the buttons are? Is it intuitive or will you need to spend hours reading the manual?
Another good link about why to buy an SLR:

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