Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm teaching a Workshop in Landscape Photography

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(Above © Katie Ring, Portland, ME)

The Landscape Photography Workshop

In the Landscape Photography Workshop attendees will be introduced to the basic of taking photographs of our surroundings, whether urban or rural. Through a series of technical and visual lectures and assignments photographers will develop a strong foundation and understanding of how to frame, the specific equipment needed.

This is a “foundation” level workshop. It will focus on teaching basic to advanced camera functions, composition, basic file editing. From Ansel Adams to Minor White and the B&W style to the colorist such as Stephen Shore and William Eggleston students will be introduced to some of the masters of the landscape photography tradition.

Please note that this is a "shooting" workshop. Participants will be expected to take photographs every week to fulfill the weekly assignment. designed the workshop to accommodate shooting time during the week-end, time to edit and delivery of photographs created for a specific assignment by 10AM on the day of Critique.

ome join this outstanding workshop on Landscape Photography. It is opened to anyone with a minimum level of photography skills*. Meeting, Lectures and Critiques take place in our Virtual Classroom. The focus is on improving your Photographic skills and not to just listen to long lecture. Therefore participants will have to shoot on a weekly basis. Please be aware that planning and shooting may require a minimum of two hours (2) a week, however shooting may and should take place on a specific week-end.

book_pppEvery participants in this Workshop will receive an 8"x10" coffee table book! That's right! This book will be produced from the various weekly assignments. A selection of images from each participants in the Landscape Photography Workshop will be included.

If a participant decide to not include his/her photographs in the Coffee Table Book, for this workshop he/she will still receive the book. Note: will independently select an Image for the cover and will place photographs in the order our designer feels is the most pleasing.

Workshop ScheduleWorkshop meets in Our Virtual Classroom twice a week for four weeks. Workshop is split into four Lectures and four Critiques. The Coffee Table book will be shipped within 4 weeks after the last day of the workshop.

(Below © Katie Ring, Baxter State Park, ME)
Sunrise Canoe


Natalie said...

These photos are incredible, it really makes me want to take your class! The Portland Headlight shot has always been one of my favs =)

Krista Photography said...

wow, your landscapes are wonderful!