Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wedding Tip #29 - Gather everything you want photographed

This was a tip born from my NOT photographing a wedding! (haha) My friends Colleen and Mike just got married and Colleen wanted me to be able to enjoy myself and not have to work. It's funny, I haven't been a regular wedding guest in quite some time! It seems I'm always shooting or being a bridesmaid. It was amazing to be there to help the girls get ready but not have to worry about my own hair, flowers, and shoes looking perfect. I had a lot of fun just playing with my point and shoot camera and trying to help gather photo things for Lara (Colleen's wedding photographer).

So, this tip is:
Gather items you want photographed and bring them to the room where you're getting ready!

All brides see examples of photos they love: cute shoes, sparkly rings, colorful flowers, & showcased invitations. However, many people don't think about how these photos are made! The best time for your photographer to get these shots is for while you're getting ready. You want your photographer to be there to get the hair & make-up prep shots, but there is a lot of downtime for a photographer at this point too. Make the most of your photography time by having all of the items you want cute shots of ready to be arranged and photographed.

Things that should be available:
1) Rings (both his & hers)
2) Any other special jewelry you'll be wearing
3) If you have something borrowed, blue, old, new, & a penny for your shoe have those nearby too!
4) Garter
5) Shoes
6) Veil or flowers/clip for hair
7) For him: cuff links & watch
8) Invitation & program
9) Flowers (have the florist deliver to you)
10) Dress hanging near a window or in a pretty open area

And, be sure to have all of the bridesmaids, groomsmen, moms, dads, and grandparents who you'd like to be in these photo nearby too! Having the people who love you around while you're getting ready is one of the best parts of the day!

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