Sunday, December 27, 2009

My New Year's Resolution...

is to come back to my blog.

Hold me to that :)

Why have I been MIA? I've started blogging for Stonewall Kitchen (SK). I haven't acutally stopped blogging - I've just stopped writing MY blog. This is not a bad thing. I've very much enjoyed blogging for SK. I've realized that the reason I could so easily blog about weddings was because my job was wedding centered. I still photograph some weddings - but my job has become more food centered.

Here's the new blog idea. It will still be about photography (that hasn't changed) but I will add food into the blogging mix. Since I will still be photographing some weddings I will still answer wedding questions and offer tips. I'll just be writing about whatever is happening with me at the time. I plan to start talking about food and healthy eating too! Plus, I think I can help more people with healthy eating tips than I can with wedding advice! I'm ready for my new blog adventure... I hope you enjoy!

Wonder what I've already been saying about food:
Warm cups of Holiday Cheer
In the kichen are you and artist or a scientist?
Is that fruitcake?
Celebrate with cocktails
'Twas the night before Thanksgiving
How to cook a turkey
What does it mean to be all natural?
Roasted Garlic Onion Jam

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