Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Years Resolutions... how are you doing?

I have the day off today because I am doing a bridal show this evening. Come see me at Spinelli's Peabody @ 6PM. This may be my last show. I get so much word of mouth work that I don't really need to advertise anymore! Plus, I'm now focusing on smaller weddings & portrait work. It is a much better compliment to my 9-5 food photographing. So far it's been a good day off. I've done yogalaties, had tea & breakfast, put up new curtains, and now I'm on to blogging! (plan for later: work on client photo albums, haircut & bridal show)

So, New Year's Resolutions. I made a couple:

1) Lead a healthier lifestyle including exercising & eating well
2) Be more conscious of the environment
3) Not blog only for Stonewall Kitchen & remember mine too!

Hey... 2 out of 3 ain't bad! Plus, being healthier is really 2 fold! ;) So, while I talk about what I've done for the first two I'll take care of #3. Sweet.

• Healthier part A - Eating better: I've made a ton of homemade soups to bring to work for lunch. Just ask my co-workers... if they see me with pea soup for lunch again... HA! I've also been on and off looking up nutrition info for the things I eat. There are plenty of websites & ipod/phone apps for this too. (I like "Lose It! - a free app")
Counting calories is exhausting and quite frankly depressing. I know that alone wouldn't work for me to be healthier! However, being able to check out and compare the food you eat is very helpful! There are often many healthier substitutes!

• Healthier part B - Exercise: YOGA. PILATES. Enough said? I joined a gym in November and started taking classes. (tried to get in ahead of the new years rush) I've learned that I hate aerobics and feel stupid doing it. Strength training is OK, but I LOVE yogalates (yoga & pilates). Zumba is ok too... so is running on the elliptical - and I know I need cardio too. But, if you're looking to just feel great in your own skin try a class or video that is a yoga & pilates mix. It puts me in a good mood for my whole day. I bought this Golden Earth kit at tjmaxx (you can also order online) and it's a good 45 min stretch.

• Environmentally friendly. My husband already calls me captain planet. And while I am no where near the hippie my sister is, I try to do my part. I'll write a whole post about this later - but some new things I've added for the new year are to take cloth napkins to work and to keep veggie scraps in a bag in the freezer to turn into vegetable stock. (Skins, peels - it's all good in stock!)

• Blogging: Well, I blog at least once a work for work, but I haven't been to mine nearly as often. Now that I'm only part time in the wedding industry an entirely wedding tip themed blog doesn't make sense - but, tips will still pop up. I'm still not sure what the blog will morph into - but I'm looking forward to the journey!

* I very rarely receive free products and then blog about them. When I do, I will specifically tell you in my post that it was a free item. I blog about things I like - not things I get for free.

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