Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wedding Tip #31 - Favors

What should you spend on favors? People are all over the place on this. If you find a good deal you can spend as little as $1 each... But some people spend up to $4/5 each.

Or you could spend $3.50 on a mini jam! (Less if you buy it by the case) Ok, shameless work plug over... but I wanted to include my cute photo! It IS cute, right? It was fun to set a wedding table at work! More details here.

I digress... anyway, I feel like favors can be tough. Because, really, who needs another tiny picture frame, bottle stopper, etc? Why spend your money on something that your guests won't keep and use? So, unless you can find a trinket that you think your guests will love as much as you do - I recommend food. Everyone likes treats!

I have a friend who does really cute cookie favors :)
Jenny makes amazingly complicated cookies too... but I just love these simple cake cookies!

For our wedding Anthony & I bought little bride & groom boxes at the dollar store (10 for $1) and filled them with individually wrapped chocolate cream candies from Haven’s. (Jenny was a bridesmaid so having her make cookies seemed like it would be a bit much!)

I’ve also seen people put out cards that say in lieu of favors a donation has been made to __ charity. If you have a favorite charity this is a great option! You can't go wrong with a donation... everyone will be able to appreciate your gift!

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Abigail said...

Kaite - I love your Jam picture! TOO cute! all of your ideas are great and YES, Jenny's cookies are amazing! Chris and I have decided to make a donation to an animal shelter instead of favors because we are both animal lovers. you have me thinking about these super cute jams and cookies!