Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wedding Tip #30 - Sending a "Save the Date"

Abby & Chris have some sports themed elements that they plan to add to their wedding. So, what better save-the-date than an event ticket? With a photograph from their engagement session, by me, and designed by Emily, these have to be the most unique save the date's I've ever seen. (They even have a perforated line so you could tear off the ticket stub) These are so cool that someone stole the ticket from my booth at a recent wedding show! They must have thought it was such a good idea they had to take it to remember!

Anthony & I didn't use a photo for our save the date cards. Ha, I know, the photographer didn't use a photo! I have to say - I think photo save the dates are super cute, and now I wish I had used one! However, having just started grad school at the time I remember feeling overwhelmed at the time and just wanted to get something mailed out to our guests.

I used vista print to make basic cards and then ran them through my own printer so I could add more info. (Vista print is cheap but I learned their color can be VERY off. They did reprint them for me but it took more time) All I had them pint on the cards was "Save the Date • Anthony & Katie • October, 27, 2007 • Portland, ME"

That's really all you NEED to put. Names, date, & location. Although, I would add "formal invitation to follow" just so no one is confused and thinks that it is the invitation. If you want people to start booking rooms you should add hotel info as well. I recommend reserving more than one block of rooms. We had 3 room blocks at different hotels to cover different price ranges. You should also create a wedding website & put the website address on your save the date. (I like the free wedding sites from The Knot & Wedding Wire) This way guests can always visit your site & you can add new info. Even if you don't do a save the date, I recommend creating a wedding website and emailing it to friends who will be invited to the wedding. This way at least they'll have the date & location so you'll be in their social calendar!

Jim & Dee had a designer friend Alex add this little heart with their wedding date to my photo from their engagement sesssion. I think this is a fun way to add text to the photo. (Note - text over photos has to be done really well or it can ruin the photo. Use a graphic designer!) Their save the date came printed as a postcard in a wedding color coordinated envelope.

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