Sunday, February 14, 2010

THAT is love...

Today is Valentine's Day. My husband and I have been married for 841 days. It is funny to be able to count the days (Facebook's weddingbook counts for me) but it also doesn't seem like an accurate count! We started dating when we were 19, and sophomores at Syracuse (2001) ... you do the math. It's been a while!

Last night, as I was photographing Bret & Anna's wedding, the couple who was married the longest was asked to give the new couple some advice. First, the husband smiled & nodded to his wife allowing her to be the advice giver. (smart man!) She recited a poem by her own mother from their wedding day. I wish I could remember the wording - but it mentioned a successful marriage needing both patience and stamina!


I remember thinking that this was truer than Bret & Anna might even yet know -- even though you could see that they are very much in love! Marriage isn't a sprint. You won't win the race with just a big start ... or fancy wedding. You need to put in the effort everyday; it's more like a marathon. There will be small setbacks, there will be times when you think to you yourself - what in the world am I --- are WE --- doing? However, through overcoming all of the challenges (like anything really worth attaining) you come to find the greatest reward.

This morning I was awake before Anthony. I left the bedroom to blog so he'd be able to sleep in. That is love.

My writing of this post was interrupted by my cell phone alarm. I had it set for yesterday morning so I'd be on the time for Bret & Anna's wedding. Too bad I left it on - in the the bedroom - and it woke Anthony up. He forgave me... that is love.

My email told me that some single game Red Sox tickets were on sale this morning. I got Anthony standing room for a Sox-Yankee's game. That is love.

Anthony came out of the bedroom and declared that he was going to vacuum before taking a shower. THAT IS LOVE!

I give a lot of wedding planning advice on my blog - what I don't do is give much relationship advice. Sure, having a wonderful wedding day is nice, but that's not really what is important. What is really important is the foundation of your love that comes before - and the lifetime of love that comes after. If there is one bit of advice you get from my blog today I hope it is this:

It is all of the small ways that you say I love you that matter!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Unknown said...

i like this post:)

happy (late) valentine's day!

Sed said...

My aunt sent me the wording of the poem:

"A pundit was asked to reveal, if he could,
The secret that makes some marriages good.
Though love is essential, the bearded one said -
Endurance is more so - with it, you're dead!"

Katie Ring said...

Thanks Brett! Only, maybe the last line is "with-out it you're dead" ;)

And what are you doing reading my blog? Shouldn't you be on your honeymoon? I can't wait to share more photos with you & Anna!

Linda said...

Katie -- You're right about the last line of my mother's poem. It should be "Endurance -- without it you're dead!" -- Linda Scatton, aka Bret's aunt.