Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wedding Tip #32 - Planning a bridal shower

I was asked:

"I am helping to throw a bridal shower for a friend, but she lives in
CA and the shower is at her mother's in PA. She would rather people
ship presents instead of bringing them, as she won't be able to take
them on the plane. Is there a nice way to say that on invitations?
Also, can you think of any creative ideas for a theme or something
that may go along with that?"

For most wedding showers, the main activity it gift opening. Therefore, I think some people might be put-off by the idea that they should ship gifts to the bride's home rather than be able to watch her open them. Although showers are a parties where gifts are certainly expected, it's usually considered rude to request specific types of gifts. Some couples do throw "money" showers, but I personally find these tacky. (I bet I'm not alone on this) I can see two ways to tailor the gifts to the bride's needs.

1) Have a themed shower
• Lingerie - just be sure bride & her mom aren't shy
• Honeymoon - attire & gift certificates ( for activities/meals
• Foodie - register for small kitchen items, gorumet foods, & list the brides's favorite restaurants for gift cards
• Movie buffs - register for DVDs (@ Target or Amazon) & ask for movie theater gift passes.

2) Adjust the registries that you show on the invitation so that they only include certain, more portable, items. Don't forget, they can always add to the registry after the shower for wedding gifts.
Ideas: silverware, kitchen utensils, games, DVDs, kitchen/bath towels (larger but could be used as packing material), photo frames, placemats/napkins, coffee/tea, gourmet foods (you know I like Stonewall Kitchen), small card/board games (I love bananagrams), digital camera, video camera, digital frame, scrapbook, sheets or duvet cover (wait on matching comforter or duvet for the wedding).

If you can't find a registry to fit your needs, try 'Wish List' or 'My Registry'

However, even if you do both of these things, someone may have pre-planned or pre-purchased a gift and you can't really expect them to change. I think you should prepare your friend for the possibility that she may need to ship some items back to her home. Perhaps the bridal party could gift a pre-paid shipping label & supplies just in case!

Do YOU have any ideas to help this bridesmaid throw a great shower? Please comment and help her out!

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