Monday, June 28, 2010

Ben, Kate & Baby

I finished editing Ben & Kate's maternity session. This was such great photo shooting! Kate has a beautiful pregnant body; and she was willing to try all sorts of different things to get great shots. She even went for a bit of a swim in her bikini! Hey, I went in too! Luckily Ben was equipped with his iphone to capture the moment.

It also didn't hurt that Ben is a videographer and is easily excited about am I. Here's a slideshow of most of the images. We even managed to get a few with their (not small) dog Schnitzel! I'm in on some fun, I know the top secret baby name but I had to hide those photos from blog. (for now) I'll post them after his birthday because we did some cool shots with his name. I can't wait to meet their baby. With parents like these, he's sure to be a cool little dude.

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Kate said...

Love love love love them all. Thank you, Katie!