Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wedding Tip #35 - Sensible Shoes!

On your wedding day, just like any other very special event, you'll want to have the perfect shoes. So, go ahead and pick out whatever shoes that your little heart desires for your wedding ceremony. Just make sure that you're able to make it down the aisle and stand for photos! As we all know, adorable shoes are not always comfortable shoes! So, if this is the case for you...have a back-up plan! At my wedding I had a big basket of flip-flops in the ladies room (an idea I stole from my cousin-in-law Cay). My bridesmaids loved this, but so did other high-heeled-shoe-loving guests!

For your own shoes, you may want special shoes, not just one out of the basket. May I suggest these crystal Havaianas from Rue la la?

Or, you may also want to look into a platform wedge white flip flop if you've having your dress hemmed to your height+ a few inches from a high heeled shoe. Are you looking for a more special bridesmaid gift, or perhaps a closed-toed shoe for cooler weather? In that case, try footzyrolls! My co-worker Mel was wearing these at a wedding we both went to. How great are they?

Adorable ballet flats that roll up to fit in your purse! What could be better? Order these in white or silver for yourself, and in black or a color that matches your bridesmaids dresses for them. You'll both be sure to get more use out of them, because who doesn't want to wear cute shoes but worry if they can last all night in them?

The moral of this story? Fashion isn't always comfortable. So, go for it...just have a good back-up plan!

Note: all photos from this post are from vendor websites. I was not paid or given free samples...I just love these shoes and have purchased my our Havaianas & footzy rolls.

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