Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wedding Tip #28 - Sun & photos

My friend Kiele, after reading at least one too many bridal magazines, sent me the following email:

Hi Katie,
I was reading in a wedding magazine that if you expect to take pictures in complete sunlight ( that is, IF it’s a completely sunny day), like having a beach wedding with no shade around- that the pictures can be harsh and I should set up a spot where there is also shade. In your experience, do you think this is true?

I responded:

Yes, super sunny at noon is not the ideal for photos. The best light is 1/2 hours after sunrise and 1/2 hours before sunset on a sunny day. If it’s cloudy then the timing doesn’t matter as much because there is no harsh light. Can you make pictures when it’s bright and sunny out? Sure – but in that case photographing in the shade is best. I don’t think it is necessary to shade an entire beach ceremony.

Below, Andy & Nicole's wedding did take place around noon on a bright sunny day (ceremony in full sun) and the photos turned out beautifully! (if I do say so myself)

Want to see more sunny photos? Take a look at this post:

Kristin & Chris and Lindsey & Ryan were shot near sunset on a sunny day. However, Bret & Anna’s photos were taken right around noon on a sunny day and we made the shade work. :)

So, I think, don’t worry too much – It will be fine. And you can’t control the weather anyway :)


Kiele says, Yes I did see them (the links to examples of sunny photos) and THANK YOU. I do feel much better. The colors were very bright which made the images nice, and the couple didn't look too squnity-eyed anywhere. If I have a good photographer like you then I shouldn't have to worry- and I will! Thanks again Katie!

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