Monday, September 28, 2009

Big Weekend!

Two weekends ago I did double duty shooting Kiele & Jay's engagement photos and Nicole & Andy's "Ever After Session." Kiele even helped me come up with the fabulous name "Ever After Session." I was suprised when she was a bit nervous at first, but her sweet and super romantic fiance was awesome at helping her to relax and have a good time. As I told them - this is a big part of why an engagement session is a good idea! Most people aren't used to being photographed, so it's better if the first big session is a practice run like an engagement shoot instead of wedding day. They're doing pretty well for a practice run aren't they?

Andy & Nicole, on the other hand, are old pros! They've been married just over a month and this was their "Ever After Session." First, you may be asking what is that? Well, the "Ever After Session" is a post-wedding shoot that allows you to get all dressed up again. Also, having one allows you the chance to have a second set of couple photos in a totally different location than your wedding. Or, should it do the forbidden 4 letter R word (ahem, rain) on your wedding day - then you get to wait it out for perfect weather for your 'Ever After Session." And yes, I was of course thinking of Cinderella and prince charming living happily ever after when I named this session. Kiele thought that 'ever after' was better than 'happily ever after' - more sophisticated. I agree. :) So, Andy and Nicole got a chance to have even more fun with this shoot - as did I.

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Kiele Orlosk said...

Katie- thank you SO much!

I think Ever After Sessions are the new thing and I can't wait to do mine!!!

Nicole & Andy- great shots!