Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jim & Dee

After posting that preview teaser a while ago, it's about time to add more photos! I'm playing around with my new favorite toy, online slideshows.


Unknown said...

I was so excited to try the Pictage slideshow tool the other night, but I was disappointed with the result. The good thing is that there is some great royalty free music, but I don't like how the slideshow comes together (partiularly the ending). Guess I need to play around with it more, but since I give my couples the slideshow that I post online I'm not sure this is going to work for me. : (

Katie Ring said...

Gwen, I agree that this new tool is far from perfect - but as a freebie I think it's fun! Hopefully pictage will continue to work on it so it gets better.

When I do a slideshow for a client on DVD, then yes, I need better quality & a better ending! ;)

Anyone wonder why Gwen mentions royalty free music? Because buying the song from itunes doesn't give you the right to add it to your slideshows or website! You need special permission to use songs: