Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Engagement photo ideas

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It's wedding Wednesday, so I have this tip for you. Make your engagement session your own! I was inspired to write this when I saw "The Love Tees." Seriously, how cute is it that this couple made these love t-shirts for their photos? So, when it comes to engagement photos, don't worry about following any certain set of rules! Take risks, bring up any crazy ideas, you can do the formal 'safe' photos that your mom will like later.  ;)

We did Abby & Chris's photos outside, in the winter, in Syracuse. Not an ideal time/place for photos -- but they turned out to be unique and so much fun!

With Bret & Anna I tried some unusual angles to add variety to their shots.


So don't be afraid to lay in the grass like Mike & Colleen...

go sight-seeing like Lindsey & Ryan...

Or, like one of my favorite unusual shoots, just go singing in the rain!

And if you want to try your luck at the carnival like Jessica & Thomas...

I say, go for it! This last shot was photographed by my friend Gwen Tunderman.


Jessica Dyal said...

Yayy! Gwen posted on her blog that we were "spotted" on yours! How exciting! Especially as a fellow "yankee"!!!
Thanks :)

Katie Ring said...

:) Thanks Jessica