Sunday, July 19, 2009

Welcome Joey & this week's workshop

This week's workshop

This week I taught a photography workshop at the Worcester Museum of Art. Check our photos here:

It was QUITE a learning experience! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such great kids. However, I've also learned that I think digital photography & my teaching skills are better suited to older audiences, and a group of kids AND one age group at a time - this group was ages 5-17! In the future I think I'll teach, high school, college and/or adults so I can really get into advanced concepts of photography. Although I do have to brag ... ask any of these kids what an aperture is and they could tell you!

Welcome Joey!

Born July 6th, photographed July 9th... posted July 19th! Still balancing the time to post to my blog and my job, oh right, make that jobs (plural)! ;) Good thing I like shooting food at Stonewall, teaching & weddings/portraits so much!





See more photos here:

There are a few things I learned from my first in-hospital portrait sitting! The first few days are busy! Everyone wants to visit and that makes for very crowded small rooms! If possible I think it would be best to set aside a small amount of time with no visitors so that we could focus on getting awesome photos! Speaking of awesome photos - I did love doing an in-hospital session. The first few moments a family has together are so special - they should be captured! There is photo of my mom holding me as an infant, and I remember seeing the photo as an adult and being able to tell how much she loved me in the moment. Powerful stuff like that deserves to be photographed. That's why my favorite shots are of Jackie kissing baby Joey and the new little family together on the bed. :)

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