Thursday, July 30, 2009

Secret Blog reader role call?

Ok ladies & gentlemen... identify yourselves! (wink wink) But seriously - I get emails & Facebook messages from you all the time!

2 examples TODAY

Natalie says "I check your blog all the time, lol. I love seeing your work and tips! hmmm, I must be one of your top fans!"

Erin says "Katie I love your pictures! I was looking through them and thought maybe you could give me some tux advice...."

Often I even get comments from people who I didn't know were reading! (Or people who I don't know and stumble upon this) So, this is the post where if you're reading my ramblings you should comment. It can be simple, just your name. Go ahead, click the little comment button below. The curiosity is KILLING me! I can see I get lots of traffic - but who are you people? Also, if you comment with something you'd like me to blog about I'll even post it for you. I do love answering wedding questions!

Happy wedding planning, blog reading or photo gazing!

Speaking of photo gazing, here's an iced tea pitcher I shot for Stonewall. I like this one because it's bright and summery and that's the kind of mood I'm in today. :)


Anonymous said...


Kaleen said...

that is a crazy iced tea picture! I'll admit I am secret blog reader :)

Kaleen said...

I meant pitcher but I guess picture worked as well.

Katie Ring said...

You blog readers are TOO funny. Since I posted this 2 people have commented on OTHER posts but not this one ;)

Ok, ok, I respect your wishes to remain secret! And thank you KALEEN!

Kat Forsyth said...

Hey there! I just came over here from Flickr's TTD group. :-) So I'm not a longtime reader at all, but I figured I'd say hi anyway.