Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"People I used to know"

I'm starting a portrait photography project called "People I used to know." We have a natural curiosity about those they've known in their lives. Now all we have to do is turn to the virtual world to learn about people from our past. I can find out where my old friends work, live, and even see recent photos of them! In fact there are many people that I am now virtual friends with. The most interesting thing is that many of my facebook/myspace "friends" are not people I would have considered friends when I knew them. We were acquaintances at best. So what are we so interested in each others lives that we "re-connect" now? Or is it a popularity contest is virtually display who has the most friends? I can't decide. Thought I've collected these friends I haven't sent them messages, just added them to my list (or they added me). I find our curiosity paired with technology to have created an amazing virtual network. I want to explore this in my work. I am going to change the dynamic by actually contacting these people I used to know.

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