Tuesday, September 25, 2007

2 months later...

I haven't written in my blog in almost 2 months. This somehow reminds me of writing in a diary when I was in middle school. I would pick out the prettiest book, and find a nice pink pen to give it that extra "Katie" touch. Excited, I would write in it every day, or at least every few days. I was going to have the best diary ever. Maybe I'd even get to be one of those people who grew up and published their diaries! The ideas would start whirling around in my head. Then all the sudden the diary was at the bottom of a pile of things forgotten.

I tend to do this. It's not as if I never realized the tendency before, but no one has even pointed this out to me in such a matter-of-fact way. When I met with my mentor, Sandra, she said one thing that has continued to stick out in my mind. Something to the effect of "You have a idea and then start thinking of all the possibilities and soon it expands into something much bigger than it needs to be." This is so true. It's amazing that a woman I've met with just twice can see me so clearly. I DO do this! The problem is once the original thing has turned into the inflated idea with 500 possibilities then it becomes too daunting and impossible to continue. Often I abandon it all together.

So (also 2 months after meeting with my mentor) I am going to apply this self-realization to my everyday life. One step at a time. Walk before you run. Take a minute to breathe first. The thing that I do need to consider is that while I know this quality of mine can become negative it is this same aspect of my personality that has allowed me to do some of the things I have done. Start a wedding photography business right out of college, travel to India, begin planning a wedding and start work on my masters all in the same month...

Days until the wedding: 31
Days until my next paper is due: 5
Day I'm back from my honeymoon and need to re-focus: 11/5/07
Dates of upcoming wedding jobs: 12/1/07 & 12/31/07
Day of my next MFA residency: 1/5/08

Stop there - no more deadlines - even my lists start to inflate to more than I can handle. I have plans to write at least something in my blog again soon. See you tomorrow or next month - could be either!

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