Thursday, October 4, 2007

ipod, progress & commitment

Wedding in 22 days... sanity level surprisingly 3 (on a scale of just fine to bridezilla)

I felt at though I was the only 25 year old Bostonian without an ipod. Well no longer. Luckily my sister bought a new mac, got a free ipod, and passed her old one along to me. How did I live without this beautiful little box before? Storing my music is great... but I didn't know it would sync with iCal to organize my life for me! As soon as verizon no longer owns my soul (Feb 22nd) then I'm switching and getting myself an iphone.

Today I did mange to accomplish more than my wonderful discovery of the ipod (just 5 years later than all of my friends). I have been sending messages to my facebook friends and 2 have written back. My photo project "the people I used to know" may get off the ground after all! I also did some more photographs at the Ring's home. Meaning I am continuing my homes project as well. How committed of me! ;)


Kevin G. said...

For the record, I still don't have an iPod. But I don't live in Boston either. At the moment, our farmhouse doesn't even have internet access, but we DO have three goats!

Neva Austrew said...

Hey good progress on your new project, Katie! I hope it all gets off the ground for you...

And Kevin if you could just get the goats to sing Freebird to you, maybe you wouldn't need an ipod! ;)

Rebecca Moran said...

Hey, I didn't know my IPod could syn with ICal. Cool!

Kevin, what hell are you doing with three goats?