Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Online shopping 'clubs' & emails

Until I added in a long commute to my life I wasn't an online shopper. Now, the last thing I want to do is stop by the mall for clothes or gifts. Luckily, or dangerously, I have discovered some online shopping sites. Most of them are like online fancy versions of TJ Maxx -- heavily discounted designer brands.

 My newest discovery? ShoeDazzle. Everything on ShoeDazzle is $40 and you save an extra 20% off your first purchase. Shoes, bags & jewelry sets. The catch for this one is you have to log in once a month and shop or "skip" the month or you'll be charged $40/month and rack up a stack of credits. Luckily you get email reminders and clicking 'skip' is easy. If you skip the month you're not charged a thing. But, with deals like this how bad could having credits be? Even these awesome knee-high boots are just $40. Should I buy them? I just might...  This site, unlike many others, is knock offs not the designer brands.

What other shopping deals go I get delivered to my inbox?

Rue la la
This is my all time favorite deal site because it's a mix of designer and more affordable brands. I've purchased from them many times for myself & gifts.  Best deal I scored? A pair of Rock & Republic Jeans. New deals start every day at 11am with 'city' deals emailed around 8am. City deals are mostly restaurants & salons but worth checking out too.

Guilt Group
Here I have a best deal tie. $14 for a pair of movie tickets. OR jewelry for my sister's birthday gift. Guilt deals are mailed at noon, and like Rue la la Guilt also has a city deals page. If you're looking for the most high fashion brands, than this is the deal site for you.

Haute Look
I got the BEST green platter for my mom. She loved it. Score! This site tends to be less designer brands and more middle-of-the-road brands. The good news is that this means most clothing deals are super cheap.

Swirl by Daily Candy
From the same people who send you a daily email of what's trendy, now they too offer a shopping deal site. I got an american apparel dress, the kind you can tie a bunch of different ways, for $20. See the shirt dress on the left? That's a deal today for only $29. As Anthony says when I tell him about a good deal...you'd be losing money if you didn't buy it! This site has the quickest shipping of them all. Once you score a great deal there is nothing better than getting it FAST.

Afraid that it won't fit? Unless it says otherwise these sites offer returns/exchanges. They even provide the return shipping label. Also, most times if you take a website credit the return shipping is free. Or you pay return shipping and receive your money back. Seriously, this is way easier than braving a crowded mall.

I also LOVE the restaurant deal sites...but that's a post for another day! You might be wondering, why the fashion post again? I thought you were a wedding blogger & foodie. Well, I noticed that my post 'How to tie a scarf" was one of my reader favorites. Hmmm...who knew? So, if you like that, I hope you like this too! Happy shopping.

*Photos are not my own, they are from the online shopping pages. I did not receive compensation from any of the above sites for this post it is purely my opinion.

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