Monday, March 8, 2010

Why you should switch to organic milk

Growth hormones and antibiotics in milk don't sound like a good idea. However, most people think - organic milk? I can't afford that!

I am well aware that organic milk is more expensive, however, it's totally worth it! Why? Let's say that all you are looking for is a milk that lasts longer in the fridge. Choose organic! Don't believe me? Check the dates on the grocery store and you'll see... organic milk has later expiration dates than other milks.

I used to pour a lot of milk down the drain because I didn't use it in time. So, organic is more expensive per ounce - but a better deal for me! Oh yeah, and now I'm not drinking hormones & antibiotics... a win-win! It does have a slightly sweeter taste than other milk because it is heated to a higher temperature in the preservation process than regular milk. I do have a sweet tooth, but this extra sweetness is very minor and you'll easily get used to it.

What an expert opinion? Let Scientific America tell you exactly why organic lasts longer.

Or, read about Organic milk in the NY Times:

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