Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I'm moving back to MAINE!

Ok, so I'm not really moving back to Maine - but after one beautiful summer day up here I would like to. I just want to take pictures - ALL THE TIME - when I'm here. Point and case - look at the view out of my friend Brooke's window!

Also, I photographed a couple who decided to elope in Maine yesterday. Not only was the sunset more beautiful than any light I could have chosen myself - but they also looked like models! I almost feel like I should have been paying them. ;) It was just the two of them, myself & another witness & their officiant "the captain". Being way out on a rock overlooking the ocean, and all by ourselves, I felt a greater creative freedom than I ever have before at a wedding. I've been told (in school) to start making "my pictures" at weddings - but this time I really feel like they were all my pictures. Hopefully these photos will convince brides and grooms to always let me do a sunset portrait!

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Ted Fisher said...

I love the photo of the elopers....