Monday, July 9, 2007

Week off - inspiration now?

After the residency, as many faculty and students suggested, I took a week off from artwork. It was still not a vacation. I had weddings to edit/post, albums to design, and of course a wedding to shoot on the busiest wedding day of the decade 07.07.07. (see above) At least I was out in the beautiful weather.

Tonight I decided to take advice from Jan Avgikos and look at some photographers from the NY Times magazine for possible mentors and general inspiration. Here are links to the full articles for photos from some awesome photographers:

Tierney Gearon
Jeff Riedel
Jeff Minton
Jennifer Karady
Sarah Stolfa
Stephanie Sinclair
Paul D'Amato &
Jamie Rose (fellow orangewoman - Go SU!)

Katy Grannan
Amy Arbus
Gillian Lamb
Danielle Levitt
Jennifer Karady

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