Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New Blog, New Post, New Life...

I'm not sure how I feel about blogs but it's the "thing to do" at school so why not. Here goes:

One year ago my life was completely different. I had been living with roommates in Somerville and was spending the summer in Maine between apartments. I was shooting weddings and assisting commercial photographers in the Boston area. I had applied to 2 MFA programs but was rejected. I was driving back and fourth from Maine to Boston to visit my boyfriend, Anthony. I wanted SOME change. I decided to take weeks at Maine Photographic Workshops - to find my photo self- and apply to be a photographer for Operation Smile - to travel the world and photograph.

One week at the workshops turned into three. I applied to grad school with a new portfolio. The Art Institute of Boston accepted me into their MFA program. I moved in with Anthony. I suffered the sudden loss of my Grandmother. Operation Smile sent me on a month-long trip to India. For Christmas Anthony & I got engaged. January 4th I started my first residency for graduate school. Six months of wedding planning, coursework, and running my wedding & portrait photography business followed.

Today, 7/3/07
115 days until I marry Anthony and become Katie Ring
My 2nd residency for grad school ended 2 days ago

I begin a blog, and reflect on my life - how did so much happen in one year? All of the changes have been positive, except of course the loss of my Grandmother (and I can't go there now). I have changed from recent college grad to MFA candidate; dating to engaged to be married. I feel the change happening. I was Katie Suczynski - kid just out of college. Now in limbo I am almost Katie Ring - married woman with thoughts of her husband, career, and children. I am dealing with the vast changes in my personal and artistic/career identities. It's a strange place to be in right now but with 115 days until marriage and 1.5 years until my MFA I know wonderful things are waiting for me I just need to figure out the journey. On a lighter note, after typing that line Journey's "Don't stop believing" is now stuck in my head.


Neva Austrew said...

woo hoo! I love Journey!

Welcome to the blogosphere Katie. You rock, and deserve every happiness. Good luck this semester!

Rebecca Moran said...

Hi Katie,
I'm a blogger now too. Almost wrote booger...no not really

You are amazing with all that you are doing!