Thursday, June 4, 2009

somewhere over the rainbow


I have had the busiest two weeks! I have a baby shoot, bump shoot, wedding shoot, engagement shoot & food shoot to edit! (This is just after finishing & posting another wedding's photos yesterday) Also, Sunday I had a booth at the Hyatt Regency Boston wedding show. It was actually a great show, and I met a lot of wonderful couples! I was lucky to have had two friends, Dee & Inga, come along to help. After the show, Inga came back with me for wine & sushi on the porch. As we drove from Boston to Salem dark clouds descended but that didn't stop us. It might have rained, but after, when a rainbow appeared, the photographer in me couldn't help but run for a camera!


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Unknown said...

Wow! Your view was already so beautiful, but that rainbow is stunning!! I am in awe!