Thursday, April 3, 2008

Long time no post

Well I've been lazy with my blog lately. I was going to type "Who's out there reading this anyway? Leave me a comment!" but then I realized I've been neglecting my blog so long that I missed Liz's comment! Thanks Liz!

I've now photographed over 40 people for the facebook portrait project! I am thrilled with this progress. I've also made some new facebook friends in the process. Some of the portraits I'm thrilled with... others I may want to try a re-shoot. However it's been a great project - thanks to everyone who's helped!

I've also been going to a LOT of galleries.

• The World as a Stage @ ICA
Art can happen anywhere. Exploration of role & collaboration of audience
• View of the American West @ Panoptican
Old west photographs, shocking at only $275 framed
• Signs of Social Change @ Panoptican
• Imgages of War @ Robert Klein
• Photo-realism @ Pepper Gallery
• Running Through the Wind @ Griffin Museum of Photography
• The Portrait Collages @ Griffin Museum of Photography
• Presumed Innocence: Photographic Perspectives of Children @ DECORDOVA MUSEUM

Syracyse, NY:
• Syracuse University MFA 2008 @ SUArt Galleries
BLAKE FITCH, Expectations of Adolescence @ Light Work
Educating Artists: Photography Programs in Review @ Light Work

New York, NY:
• Lillian Brassman @ Staley Wise Gallery
• Fumio Tanai @ Sous Les Etoiles
• Chuck Close, Justine Kurland & Ryan McGinness @ Danziger Projects
• City Portraits @ Deborah Bell
• Sherry Karver & E. E. Smith@ Kim Foster Gallery
• Thomas Holton @ Sasha Wolf
• Martine Fougeron @ Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art
• Muzi Quawson @ Yossi Milo Gallery
• Martine Fougeron @ Peter Hay Halpert
• Jasper Johns: Gray @ MET
• Gustave Courbet @ MET
• Poussin and Nature: Arcadian Visions @ MET
• Lee Friedlander: A Ramble in Olmsted Parks @ MET

Ralph Gibson @ PRC Boston
Tina Barney @ PRC

And yes, even a play about photography:
The Trinity Repertory Company in Providence, Rhode Island, presents Some Things Are Private. A play about photographer Sally Mann

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