Friday, December 28, 2007

mobile blogging

I'm on the train back from NYC. I just saw the new photography exhibit @ moma. My previous mentor, Tanyth Berkeley was in the show. I had seen her work at bellwither gallery last summer. The gallery show had a mix of very small 4x6 prints up to the large scale work shown at moma. The mix of large and small wa interesting to see together but I am drawn to her life-sized portraits. It is amazing how powerful they are when the scale of the viewer and the subject are the same. Watching the viewers interact with them became most unique when I saw a woman pose for a portrait with one of Tanyth's muses.I am thinking of people who are photographed with cardboard cutouts of famous people. These portraits at moma have now slipped into the tourist landscape of been there seen that. I'm curious to see how Tanyth feels about that. (Photo added later... if only I could do THAT from my phone)

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